10 Countries with majority of Rape Cases

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Rape is a crime and we know it. There are always laws to protect women and their rights. Every single country abides by its own terms and policies to protect its women hood. But, rape and other crime towards women are still prevailing worldwide. Yes, there is reduction in the crime rate but still it is certainly prevalent all over the world. Women are not completely safe anywhere. Also the recent census has indicated that one among six women is being raped and one among three women is being assaulted every day. This census is showed to us not just for us to read and comment on it, but to protest against it severely to save the women of our country. As stated above, rape cases are still prevalent in every country, but here are the list of top 10 countries with the highest rape case count, sadly India is in the fourth place.


1. United States

This country, which is said to be the super power among all the nations is also a victim in terms of rape. As usual, 91% of the victims are female and 99% of the rapist are male. A survey on the National Violence against women have shocked every person on this planet with a result of one in every three women will experience rape at least once in their life time. About one by fourth of the female students have experienced rape or attempted to commit rape since the age of 14. The most hurting fact is that out of all only 16% of them are reported. Even outdoor rapes are being performed very casually and the culprit escapes as it is. This is the state of a well developed country.

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2. South Africa

South Africa comes next in the list and it has the second highest rates of rape in the world, with the count going to 60,000 rapes and other sexual assaults in the year 2012. Because of this whooping number, the country earned its new name as the “Rape capital of the world”. A survey made by the Community of Information on 4000 women has produced a result similar to the USA. One among three women was raped when asked and more than 25% of the men are admitted to rape. And in the count of 25%, more than half men are admitted to rape more than once. This country also has the highest number of child rape cases. Men in this country are much secured about his punishment because he would be prisoned only for 2 years.

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3. Sweden

The next country in this list Sweden and this country holds first place among the European countries. The count being one in every four women getting raped. The country has the highest rape crime records in the world. In the year 2009, the Sweden police recorded about 15, 000 sexual offences, which is 8% more than the previous year. A report of 2009 has stated that the crime has increased to 60% in the last ten years. A report also stated that Sweden has the highest number of sexual assault reports in the world.

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4. India

India is a developing country in all the terms. It also is a country where the sexual assault is rapidly increasing. Here, rape is a common crime against women. A report by the National Crime Bureau has stated that there were 24,923 rape cases in the year 2012 and the officers also states the unreported crime is much higher than the reported cases. Of this 24,923, 24,400 were committed by acquaintances. Also, 98% of the crime is committed by men being trusted by the women. Here, very often we will hear rape case and the next occurrence limit is every 22 minutes.

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5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom holds the fifth place in the highest rape rank. In the year 2013, the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) released the statistics on the sexual violence, which showed that about 85000 women were raped in England every year. And this does not end here. Over 4,00,000 women are sexually assaulted every year. Here the count is one among every five women experience sexual assault or rape since the age of 14.

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6. Germany

Germany is the next in the list with 2,30,000 women and girls losing their lives to this crime. The country has its rape count to 6.507.394 in this particular year, which is the highest of all. The country has enforced laws to protect women, but the crime is being carried out mercilessly. Here the humanity is just a word. This developed country has to do something to reduce the crimes.

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7. France

France holds its spot on this list because rape was not a crime till 1980. Only after that, women in the country were a little secured by the government. A law on sexual harassment was enforced in the year 1992. The Country also passed a bill against the violence against women in the last year. France experiences 75,000 rapes in a tear and in that only 10% of the victims have filed a complaint. France has a total crime of 3,772,000 against women.

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8. Canada

Canada is just finding its place in the list with about 2,500,980 cases. Even here the count is one among three women and in the only 65 of the cases are reported. Here the rape is carried out cruelly and 62% of the rape victims are injured and about 9% of the victims are killed. The Justice Institution of British Columbia has reported that one in every seventeen women is raped.

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9. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the occurrences are a little different. The militant forces, whose responsibility is to secure the suspects and victims, are self carrying out the crimes. Here the rape by the armed forces is carried out very severely even after four years of the Civil war. Even in this country, the victims just slip away from the laws. About 96% of the rapists had faced no consequences. And also 65% of the rapist have raped more than once and 11% of the men have raped more than four to five girls. Sri Lanka might be a small country, but the crimes against women are huge.

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10. Ethiopia

Ethiopia stands in the tenth place, and it is considered to be one of the highest rates of violence against women. A report by the United Nation has stated that 60% of the Ethiopian were raped or been a victim of sexual harassment. In this country the kidnapping of women or girls is a common thing. An incident being, a bus conductor hiding the victim and raping her till she is pregnant. In Ethiopia, marriage has less priority and so men kidnap small girls and rape them so that these girls are married to them. Also the Ethiopian security forces have been accused of committing rape against the civilians.

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