16th December: Have we really learnt anything?

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It was the 16th of December, 2013. As soon as I got up, I did what I always do; the customary task of opening my Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts in three different tabs all at once; and wait..wait for my browser to load, and thus surprise me by superimposing the real over the imaginary. It seemed like a normal day. Heck! It was a normal day where the anticipated notifications, or let’s say, the delusional scenarios where I would be getting positive replies from various people as I had thought didn’t really happen, but, I drowned in the large number of status updates about Nirbhaya-”The rape victim” as they fondly refer to her; and all of a sudden, my brain paddle shifted to overdrive, and the things that had happened a year back started coming back to me. The vague images of the huge protests that had taken place in Delhi were now catching hold off the clearer adjective as I thought harder.
So, there I was, staring at my Dell’s screen, ‘HD-ing’ the pictures that were stored carefully in some part of my brain, making an anxious effort to recollect everything that I thought I had known. Well, I was definitely emulating a student strangling his brain to get the various required formulae, but the only difference here was that scoring marks didn’t propel the whole exercise, but moral consciousness did. Marks are always branded as ‘personal’, and moral consciousness, though being personal too, is ‘looked’ as something that can be listed under the category of ‘selflessness’. Really?! Just by thinking about something that has its roots in the social fabric makes me someone who thinks about the society? Well, I think it does; ‘cause in the fast and selfish world, giving but a thought about anything that affects the masses is rare.
It didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to realize that my Homepage on Facebook had actually turned into a literary forum with my friends coming up with beautiful and awe striking status updates.  The beautiful nature of the English language was never the problem, but the “condolences”, and the artificial remarks of “How we are never going to forget your sacrifice” that oriented the whole ‘fad’ made me realise how pathetic the world had become. Everything that I had been always there in front of me, but suffered my ignorance came clear to me. The world is fake! Just because someone had updated his/her status with the flag at half mast, we had to do the same ‘cause then we can be a part of the league, shed an artificial tear or too, and console our moral being by telling that ‘We did our bit. We care’. Well, that’s a combination of irony and sarcasm for you!
It’s such a shame that a rape victim had reduced for many as nothing but an object whom they could remember for a day so that they don’t feel the cold wind of the social media.
It had been a year, and nothing had changed. I mean, has anything really changed apart from the fact that on the 16th of December we “remember” Nirbhaya? Hell, I didn’t even know her real name; I had never thought of thinking about her. Why would I when she wasn’t a religious leader or someone else who would fetch me a holiday? She was just an ordinary person; a person who experienced the true face of cruelty, and fought hard till her last breath.  So, there I was; compelled, by the reminiscence of humanely ethics that made me choke, to find out her real name.
I Googled; and it was there, “Jyoti Singh Pandey-The 2012 Delhi rape victim”. It wasn’t that Google wouldn’t have given me the answer on any other day, but the thing was that I had never actually cared all these months. Why would I care about Nirbhaya when the media made me focus on Modi and Kejriwal, the more important personalities of the time? Why would I remember her when news about the birthing of new Nirbhayas were brought to my ears every now and then. Rape has gradually curled up in the corner when it comes to catching the eye of the people, who have other “important” stuff to care about. It’s not that Salman Khan had got married that people would care. Rape is something common; show them something rare, and they would think about give a thought. It’s indeed an awesome world where we live.
It had been one year, one whole year, and still it feels like yesterday when the people of Delhi were water cannoned to give up on their protest. Why had the the protests stopped? Well, I know not. Not because the things have changed for certain; but. I reckon, there were other new things being offered by this world that were showcased with such perfection by the media that the brain was too puny to hold onto everything.
People move on, and they don’t really care. It’s a selfish world where we reside. Apart from Nirbhaya being clichéd as the Delhi rape victim, nothing has changed. People don’t really think before raping somebody here. Why? Why is that torturing, and molesting, and ultimately killing her confidence and self belief not worth a thought.  Do you think before drinking water? No right? It’s all the same to them. However, we do think before we go bungee jumping. However, raping, considering our law and judiciary, is nowhere as risky as bungee jumping. The latter might get you killed, while, with the former you can unleash your Satanic thoughts in the form of actions and get away with minor punishments; and, at times, these punishments take ages to get passed by the judiciary ‘cause of the “Human Rights” people, who have started to voice their concerns for the rights of these monsters. Talk about irony now!
It’s the mindset of this civilized and educated lot of humans that has to change first. Half of us are ignorant, and half of us can’t really cradle the ill mindset prevalent inside us. It’s a peace treaty after all; where the people from either groups don’t come in each other’s way.
Nothing has changed. That poor girl fought, and now it’s our turn to take over the reins. She gave up her life so that we could become a little more conscious about the various ill treatments a woman of this country is subjected to.
To this Jyoti, and all the others that have been raped, I apologize; I apologize that though I was a hell lot of a human, I chose not to care.
But now, I will!
Let’s rise against this sin. Let’s, for once, try to be really human!


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