21st Century Girl Redefined

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Clothes, bags, heart-breaks and a looser boyfriend!

The life of your average 21st century woman. But is that all there is to being a woman in 2014? I think not.

Young women are recurrently being thrust into this mould that’s being drawn up for them by what is suitable for others. I her boyfriend wants a sexier woman with a more flamboyant style and a shinier lipstick, BOOM! There she goes for her latest make-over. If her friends mock her “soooo 2000s bag”, BOOM! There she goes, buying a new one.

Their lives are hectic, crazy and fun-filled! But they are based on short thrills. One day, when you’re 40 or 50, doubts start to creep into your head about how the wisdom of your behaviour in the last 20 years: was I the best I could be, you start to wonder? Sadly, you probably weren’t. Why is that?
Its because you were not in control. You might’ve thought you were, but if you find yourself succumbing to your whiny best friend’s whims or your dead-beat boyfriend’s midnight “jealousy” calls, you probably aren’t in control of your life. If you’re surrounded by people who care for nothing more than the price of the bag you’re wearing, maybe you aren’t.

There is nothing wrong with expensive tastes. We all have them. But do we allow them to control us? If we can only foresee our future up until the next 2 years, and if we don’t have a real idea of why we’re doing whatever we’re currently doing, we’re just as clueless as Rafael Benitez managing Chelsea FC. So the mission assigned to you as a girl today, is to regain control of your life.

First of all, you need to decide what it is that you really want. REALLY want. What you want to proudly discuss by the time you’re 80 and minding your great-grand-kid’s snotty face. Once that’s done, you need to think about how you’re getting there. Is your current occupation a platform or a facilitator to your dreams? Are you happy with your schedule, your pay or even the very thing you’re doing – be it a job, a college degree or a hobby you have?

Once that’s decided, you can begin to take a new look at your life. Are your friends really bringing out the best in you? Do your acquaintances have your best interests at heart? Are you the once taking the major decisions in your life or is that duty delegated to someone else? Honest answers to these questions will not always satisfy you. But they need to be asked nonetheless, because they’re all about YOU. If you don’t take care, only you will pay the price.

But its not all bad. Once you’ve asked yourself all these questions, you’ll have done the first few steps of soul-searching. Into the discovery of who you really are. Now you know that, you can begin to work on who you want to be. A writer, a painter or a pianist? The CEO of your company or a happy wife? Whoever you want to be, you stand no chance of ever getting there unless you study that person first. What made her? When did she decide to stop wasting time and become a proper woman?

These decisions are very big and will mean taking very difficult and courageous decisions in your life. Today’s world is very fast-paced, and there is no space for indecisiveness. Ignorance and tentativeness can lead to a dystopian future you don’t want. So it is up to you to break the routine that you currently have, to sit down and think about who you want to be. You can still do all the fun things in your life, but you need to make sure that they benefit you somehow. Do they give you some psychological stability? Then keep them. Do they limit your horizons? Ditch them.

You’re in a fascinating phase of your life as you are no longer the sprightly young flower dithering in her teen years- you’re now a woman with duties, responsibilities and the freedom to bloom! You can be everything and anything, but it will mean reinventing yourself. It will mean taking an oblique turn from the typical 21st century girl and become a new woman with new aspirations and a new modus operandi.

Don’t be a couch potato, or a social media junkie. You can buy yourself a new Raspberry Pi instead of a brand new bag. On the other hand, you can buy a brand new perfume and figure out a way to improve it and launch your very own line! The permutations are endless, and they’re all at the tip of your fingers. Utilize the internet to learn a new language or to learn how to knit. Start studying sports science and improve your backhand stroke in tennis!

As a woman in today’s world, you have the chance to do more than millions of women before you combined. You have a platform, you are respected as an equal by many men, and you are given the skills to excel. Don’t waste them.

You can be the brand new 21st century girl!




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