21st Century Super-Women

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In earlier times the status of women in India was inferior than men. Female counterparts of the Indian society had fixed roles like taking care of daily chores, looking after family members, meeting the needs of parents, husband and kids. The type of work they did and the kind of responsibilities they had was very different as compared to the 21st century modern women. They were considered to be Super-Women when they proved to be a perfect home maker. With change in the outlook towards women the expectations and responsibilities that they need to look after and perform has increased and diversified. What does it take to be a Super-Women of 21st century is an answer all women look for.

Over the past couple of decades women have gained more power and respect than ever before. They have excelled in almost all of fields like art, politics, science, management and have performed multi facets roles in our society. Time has changed now, being nurtures and home makers are not considered as ideal roles of super-women.

Stepping out of the houses, performing and managing almost any job, being financially independent are some of the new facets we see in a woman’s life. But this doesn’t mean that the so called women centric jobs of taking caring of home, husband, kids have changed. For single women, life seems to be much easier than the married ones as they only have to concentrate on their career and take care of their parents. But for the married ones they really have to put on a cap of super powers to meet the different roles which include that of a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt, friend and that of a working woman. They just don’t have the responsibility of office but also of two different homes. Women have expanded their reach in terms of the roles but in no way have compromised for the traditional roles that are associated with them.

This social empowerment and triumph of feminism has led to a cost that every woman has to pay. Regardless of whether she is a working woman or not she has to take the responsibility of parenting and household. She is expected to be perfect in every role she plays and meet sky towering expectations. They juggle between different roles trying to maintain balance between each one of them. They are often caught in situation wherein they have to make a tough choice on which role to meet first, they face time crunch and people who matter to them feel they are falling short at a particular front, be it professional or personal.

21st century women

But how does one be the ideal homemaker and a working woman simultaneously? Is it to say that a woman can only build either a good domestic or professional life at the expense of the other. Is it necessary to expect her to excel at every role, be perfect and reprimand her if she falls short in some way? Women are forced to fill all the roles and at the same time everybody else has the liberty to judge them. At office if they fall short, miss a meeting because of some urgent work at home they have to listen to comments like they are incapable and inept for the corporate life. On the contradiction if she falls short on some household work because of office work then she is taunted of being selfish by family members and at the same time considered in capable by the colleagues.  Isn’t this a worse situation than earlier times wherein we were expected to excel only at household front.

Does it mean that women should focus on one thing and chose between career and home? No this is the not the solution or the outlook we should have. Support from family is the foremost thing which a woman needs and not get worn out of the upcoming pressures. Family members especially the husbands should appreciate and support them. When women fall short at house front, rather than cursing them for giving up personal life and only concentrating at their career everybody needs to understand that if they are working so hard, they are just not doing it for themselves it is for their family too.

They should be given flexibility to create a balance between work and personal life.  However, nothing can really bring out a change unless we women understand and accept that we don’t have to prove that we are Super-Women and stop making life so difficult for ourselves. No women should think that she is inferior or incapable of doing anything. From time immemorial women are referred as Goddess Durga, Kali and Sarasvati. And when time comes we should stand up for ourselves and take the required step to prove our worth and show that they we too are capable of matching shoulders with the male clan in every sphere and every facet of life.

future depends on women

Modern day women act as a smart worker both at office and house. But on what basis are they characterized or referred as Super-Women? Are they a Super-Women because they have a flourishing career or they are doing well financially or grabbing good promotions or is it because of their household sparkles – making their kids perform well, look well after the family members and prepare good food? It is a balance of all of these plus many more. They are expected to do everything for everyone perfectly and then they can be called as Super-Women.

Every women tries their best to be a Super-Daughter for her parents, Super-Wife for her husband, Super-Mom for her kids, Super-Friend for her colleagues, Super-sister for her siblings and Super-Employee for her company and yes the amalgamation of these gives her the privilege of being a Super-Women.


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