25 and not yet married

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Are you a 25 year old unmarried Indian women. If yes, then I feel really sorry for you. For you have lost all the opportunities of finding for yourself nice handsome young groom. In fact you are too old to find someone young for yourself. Had you been married two years back you would have been at a much better position. But too bad that you are too late and now you will have to marry some random old boring guy and your married life is already screwed. And I am sorry again because you might not even manage to look good at your wedding day.

This is not me addressing to a 25 year old women, this is our society’s point of view regarding a women who is 25 years of age or above and not yet married. According to our society specially the neighborhood people, she has made her options of finding a prospective groom for herself much less now. And there are 90% of chances that she will now have to settle for something low. Is this really so? I don’t think so. I really don’t understand this concept of women/girls getting older faster than men and she should probably marry at an early age with a guy who is at least 3-4 years older than her to match their maturity level. According to many people girls mature faster than guys do. Might be but does that lead to the solution of making a girl marry at an early age. The case is completely different if she herself wants to get married at an early age because that then is her choice but what if she does not want to get married at an early age ? Does that mean that’s the end of the world for her ? That she should actually lose all hopes or stop dreaming about a nice man for her self. NO.

Girls are ambitious as guys are. They want to pursue their careers, fulfill their ambitions and prove themselves. What is the whole point of educating a woman if she has to get married after her graduation and abandon her future plans of studying and gaining higher knowledge. What if she doesn’t want to marry before the age of 25 or 27 and she want to see her self settled first., see herself as someone who has achieved something in life and then get married. Or is it just the man who needs to be settled in order to get married ? Both sides should be equally prepared before committing or engaging themselves into this institution of marriage.

25 and not yet married

Women are always provided a lesser time frame within which they should get married. That time frame is usually from 21 years old to 25 years of age. And according to society anything beyond that is compromising, its like settling not for the best options.Or even better people start believing that there is some problem in the girl and hence she is not able to get married. We start assuming all kinds of things to satisfy our anxieties regarding a 25 year old woman because she is not married.Its considered like the last age for her to get into commitment otherwise she might suffer in her married life. My question to all those finding young pretty girls for their boys is that if a 25 year old man is young and can wait another 2-3 years for marriage then how can a 25 year old woman be old ? Why is such drama created if a woman wants to get married a bit late ? There is actually no answer to this question because this thinking has not just evolved now. Earlier too girls were made to get married at a very early age.

With increase in awareness and opportunities women out there want to achieve things ,do something in life. They want to take care of their families, work and earn instead of sitting idle. They too want to use their energies in the right direction and use the knowledge they have gained for their own benefit and advantage. All women want to get married and all woman from a very young age start dreaming about their marriage but that does not imply that they are supposed to marry before 25 years of age. The fact is that marrying at 25 or later does not take away the joys of a ,married life.

This whole idea that a girl should be married young because it helps her adjust better in new family is foolish. The idea that women of this age become more rigid and might not be able to survive in a new family is illogical. And then why is setting of this age for marriage even required. Why can’t someone marry whenever they want to. A 25 year old woman is not old and can easily find for herself a groom, a man who will appreciate her achievements so far and for him she will not be an old woman.

So you don’t really need to worry if you are 25 and not yet married , you are definitely not lagging behind for there is no race. In fact you actually have plenty of time to enjoy your happy married life. For now happy 25 years of being unmarried.

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