A Girl’s Cute Love

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The story is about a girl who falls in love with a handsome guy and later becomes her better half. Let me introduce the girl. Her name is Mithra who is highly talented, all-rounder and a very charming bubbly beauty who was doing her engineering in a reputed college. Regarding her hero… he is a young handsome guy who is sincere in his works and highly responsible and mutli talented. To tell more about that smart guy, he is a national level boxing champion who has won best championship in India. He is equally talented in technical who was doing his engineering in the same college as her senior named Harish.

One fine day during her 1st year, Harish came for an announcement regarding a competition that is to be held in that week. It is the first time she is seeing that living statue. Later she used to have glimpses of him in college. That year passed with huge fun and happiness with her friends…..

                Let us enter into second year while her hero is third year…

Her second year was filled with many surprises and sweet news… in first few days she was not able to see him.. the highlighted point in this Is now she don’t know his name either but same department. It took too long period to find his name because as a girl she can’t directly enquire about a guy to others and

that too about her senior. The day she found his name was the day filled with high enjoyment. After few days there came a contest named Accenture innovation jockey where selected students from each class were allowed to attend the official introduction meet with the company people who had come to give a brief intro about the contest. She was one among the students from her class.. she was too lucky as Harish too has been selected as one among the best students… she had a visual treat throughout the session admiring him and his talents.. she thought it is just infactuation as it’s the age where all will be infactuated by looking at a handsome guy. She too thought in that way. Let us see if it is just an infactuation or love in later part of this story……

She felt something special while seeing him each and every time and he mesmerises her every time.. even though there are many guys who are good looking and who has interest on her, she did not care about anyone other than him. She even started keeping pet names for him… without her knowledge she started to like that guy very much who wishes to see him at least once in a day.

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In the mean while she’s a good orator, anchor who used to host during most of the department functions and has good academic percentile also. She’s famous in her department for both talent and beauty. In their college they planned to celebrate alumni meet for the first time for 12 years in a grand manner. Harish was the co-ordinator for that event. Knowing this fact, Mithra volunteered to be a part of the organising committee… they had a general meeting regarding the event. Works has been split for each and every committee and that day she was the most happiest girl in the world as Harish has spoken with her for the very first time….. she cannot take off her huge beautiful eyes away from him from the beginning till the end of the meet…

Now on the day of alumni meet, Mithra was dressed in pink salwar looking like an angel… she came to the college in her scooty and entered the main open auditorium where the meet is about to take place. Mithra’s eyes were searching him… at last he arrived like a hero dressed in formal white with mild black stripes which makes us to tell that he is the most handsome guy ever seen…. She was actually in lucky draw mainly for the kids who will come along with the alumni. She enjoyed playing with kids and helping them to fetch a candy or a smiley ball… her heart started to beat wildly on the sight of Harish approaching her. He came and asked din blow the balloons?? Her answer was just a gesture as words choked her throat. Then he blew a yellow balloon and placed near her. She touched the balloon and had it with her safely blowing other balloons for the kids. That day was one of her best memorable day ever.. on that day she had some positive signs from Harish towards her. He too saw her and once without his knowledge started blushing…. But did not show it out to her whether he too has soft corner for her . Second year passed with few special moments like this.

                           In her third year,  the moment  came which she wished…..

The beginning of her third year was as usual… she used to admire him… days went on and he was in his final year so she had only this year to see or make him understand how much she loved him. But she din have any chance or courage to speak out. On the day of farewell…. Mithra was dressed in bright pink saree looking like a doll and Harish was dressed in black formals. She was really upset as it came to an end to see her hero but she never lost her faith in her love. She was chatting with her friends when a husky voice called her name in a romantic manner….. she turned and can’t believe her eyes as it was him Harish who called her. He knelt down and his hands full of pink rose bunch as it is her favourite colour. He proposed her saying

                                                   will you be my better half????


Tears rolled from her eyes and the whole crowd cheered the cute beautiful guy and girl.. and from that day till today they are the best couple ever………………….



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