The Abortion War

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The anti-abortion law prohibits abortion except in cases when its life threatening for the mother or in cases when the pregnancy is the result of a forced sexual act. Being debated all over the globe it is actually shocking that some states have already voted in favour of and passed such bills.
For centuries women have been taught to obey their fathers then their husbands. They are supposed to be silent creatures that do not protest or create a scene. A father’s decision is a daughter’s decision; a husband’s decision is the wife’s decision. Seldom do people ask what women really want.

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It is amazing how an anti-abortion bill gets quick approval while the women’s reservation bill is debated over for years. Clearly it’s a world where numbers hold more significance than the fact, what is right and what is wrong. All you need, to justify whatever you say, is a majority and that’s it.  This is a reason that this is called a man’s world where a woman rights will remain neglected.

These people now go a step ahead and try to control what women can do with their own bodies. A right over your own body isn’t that the most basic human right one can seek for?

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n a world where women are denied such a right, what significance would a United Nations Human Resource Committee hold? It puts a big question mark on the entire concept of humanitarian on which it was formed. When it can let this happen then bigger debates will just be discussions that are not meant to reach a conclusion.

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Some say destroying life is a sin and abortion is murder of the unborn child. “Pro-life” is what they call themselves to be. A question I would like to ask these “pro-life” people is, would they set their foot on a one-way bridge when it is broken right in the middle? Imagine you being forced to walk on such a bridge you would exactly understand how a woman feels when she is forced to carry out a pregnancy to its term when she is unwilling to do so.

Well I would like to share an amazing news article that I came through. It was a part of the documentary where one the Ohio state representative who was a strong supporter of the anti-abortion bill.  When this man was asked what he thinks makes a woman go for an abortion. I am not sure what he said actually answered the question but his reply was something like “I’m not a woman so…..Its more about economics……Well I haven’t really thought about it”

It has something to do with economics? Does it really? How remarkable it is I must say. This exposes how less a thought is given by these people.  The main agenda was never to save life but to be able to control what women do.  And my dear you do not need to be a woman to know why a woman would want an abortion.

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What these people need to acknowledge is that a woman would never happily want an abortion.  The decision to abort is something that a woman has to take because she has her own priorities which by the way everyone has a right to decide. Some women know that they cannot afford to raise another child due to their financial condition while some may feel that they are just not ready. People who compare it to murder forget that what they indeed are implying that mothers are murderers. Isn’t mother supposed to be the perfect and flawless person who knows what is best for her child?

And abortion or pregnancy is not just about bringing a child into this world. A child is not just born but has to be cared for.
One more reason I believe that brings these people to support anti-abortion bills is that men can easily shake off the responsibility of their children but we do not expect a mother to do so.  It is because they know that they will not be responsible for the problems women would face if the child is brought into this world.

Well what does pro-life really mean? Does it mean that a life must begin at any cost no matter how it is lead?  Life is a journey and why to begin a journey which cannot be lead to a destination. One would of course never board a flight that is destined to crash.

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Whatever it may be, the sorry state today is that just like most of the issues this also has become a political tool. Politicians choose to support women’s right when it can get votes and easily change their stand in the next elections terming themselves as “pro-life” The real purpose of the abortion war has been lost. It is no longer about what women want or what is right.

It seems that in a world where everybody is driven by their own selfish means. Where lives are sold, where emotions no longer seem to hold value, women will have to wait for what they truly deserve. Till then birth control pills are the only way women are left with, despite their harmful side effects, and hope that someday this world would understand what it feels like when you are told what to do with your own body.

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