Acid attacks: It’s not about a pretty face

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I tried writing this several times, but never succeed. Words always fell short and the very thought of it makes me deceased, like there is no point of sustenance beneath this azure which offers nothing but bunch of savages, who appear out of nowhere to demolish your consequential life. Their stories fetch life out of me, I feel lamented, I tried listening them but my body shivers, I tried sharing their plight but couldn’t. In front of them, I feel weak, like a lame who can’t offer them anything because the loss is irrevocable. For first few instances, I couldn’t believe, somewhere beneath the line my psyche wasn’t accepting this, this much of inhumanity was hard to swallow down the track, but continuous instances of such barbarous acts make me discern the actuality. How could a person be so mean? How could he destroy someone’s life for his own sake of gratification? How could a person can willingly do something which only leads to malformation, which though seems physical but the mental pain it impound is impossible to elucidate. The victim is left with ignominy and suffering to live with, every day thereafter, she begs for mercy, if not that, death then!

Yes we are talking about acid attacks; we are talking of those lives that are burnt by acid attacks! Thousands of such atrocious attacks are committed every day by monstrous ‘humans’ and no one gives a damn! Because it’s too normal, flip through the pages of a daily newspaper and you will see no less than a couple of such bulletins. But for an instance think: how unbearable it would be to watch your burnt face in the mirror, everyday! And then, asking oneself the same question: ‘what was my fault?’, how it feel to hide a face, no one wants to look at, you can’t go out because people rebuke you, parks because children’s are scared of you and you definitely don’t want to listen the ‘monster’ word. For once, try to comprehend this, I’m sure you will apprehend.

This is a story of kriti, a medical student from Delhi who just de boarded at Bandra railway station, Mumbai, to join the army for a medical course; it was 6th of May 2013. Suddenly, a Mask man threw acid on her face, the left eye was completely defiled and right one was badly disfigured. The face was badly disfigured, impossible enough to explain. One day or other, that guy who committed this vicious act will be caught, buy will this change the fate of the girl? Will she be the same? , it’s so bad to know that the army could now disqualify her for the post she was chosen. The question arises again; what was her fault? A random stranger just walks in and demolished the dreams of a bright and ambitious student, who doesn’t even know the reason for her deception.

After few days of incident, one of her well-wisher received a letter from the girl, in that letter, she urge him to go to the hospital and confirm that her candidature is not rejected, she wanted to join, she wanted to live, she has worked very hard for it, it’s the only hope which is still keeping her alive.

Another victim, like any other 23 year old intellectual metropolitan girl, Lakshmi love to share her photographs on social networking sites. One day a guy saw her photographs on Facebook and start bulldozing her for a relationship and she denied. But that guy didn’t stopped here, he proposed her for marriage despite her clear disinterest regarding any further communications.

One day, that guy attacked her with acid! As per her statement “I was standing near a shopping area when he and his friend threw me to the ground. He held me down and poured liquid all over me, it was incredibly painful, I threshed around and then fainted, when I finally reached the hospital, they pour 20 buckets of water over me but the burning didn’t stop”, it was 2 months before Lakshmi saw her face in the mirror again, and today, 8 years and 7 surgeries later, she still has trouble using her arms and even closing her eyes at night to sleep. Saluting her valor, like other victims she didn’t restrict herself, neither had she closed herself in a room for like ever nor she profess herself “this was written in my fate, it had to happen, I can’t do anything now”. Lakshmi led a campaign to restrict the sale of corrosive acids, and later that month, the supreme court of India passed a law stating buyers to show a photo ID, at the time of purchase. But this doesn’t make any difference, because this is India, who gives a damn to such stupid laws here! Try it yourself, go out and ask for a bottle of acid from the retailer, he will happily wig his tail and give you one, without a mere question. I asked one retailer this question, astonishingly, he was unaware of any such law, once told, his words were “ID for Bottle of acid? What are you buying, a gun? Don’t say I have to ask cleaners who come to buy toiletries (acid is a famous toilet cleaner in India) for a ID, this doesn’t make any sense”!

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