Advantages of being Tall

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Ok, so as every single thing on this planet has its pros and cons, being tall also has its own issues but also the benefits that can sometimes overthrow the negative side of it.


First, everyone says they want to be like you. They may not mean it or they may, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me they wish they were as tall as I am. Which is nice, sometimes. Whether I like my height or  not is secondary but the fact that someone does is definitely amazing. I mean, a tall girl may not look good but her height is what makes her more of the kind of person who everyone looks up to or wants to be.


Second, they look up to you.  Literally. It gives a sense of confidence, being looked up at and it is definitely something I love. No matter what position the other person is or how much older and wiser he / she is,  if they’re short, you definitely have an advantage there. In meetings, people often tell me to “Please sit down” when it isn’t necessary and that makes me want to laugh. Or how people feel inferior. It doesn’t matter if you’re strong or weak, what matters is that you’re taller than the other person and automatically that means you’re just physically more capable of beating them to pulp if you wish to.


Third, they look at your feet. Personally, I think that is a compliment when your height makes other people want to look at your feet and think that perhaps this height is artificially induced and that the heels could be causing it. I for one wear flats all the time So that makes me feel even better because they then realize that this is real. That I actually am this tall naturally and that it is not because I have to be or want to be but because I was born that way.


Fourth, you get asked what you eat. I get this all the time from strangers,  especially children of all ages. It’s shocking to them that a person can grow that tall just because it is in the genes and not by doing something magical. I always take advantage of the situation and as a nice person I tend to tell them to eat their vegetables and sleep on time and stuff that most children usually don’t like to do. It makes me feel superior and better about myself that people want to replicate my lifestyle because they admire one physical aspect of mine.


Fifth, you don’t need help reaching for stuff. That’s right. You can do it all on your own. I do it for others as well, sometimes, because it’s a nice thing to do. When I go to a shop and there’s something on the top aisle that the women need help with, I go pick it up for them. Sometimes, I find instances where the shopkeeper requires a ladder and I say “Don’t worry about it.” The sad thing about this is that it makes them feel like I’m dominating them when in fact,  I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m trying to help him.


Sixth, the footwear. Oh, the footwear. For a person who is proportionately tall, I bet her feet will be equally long as well. The thing about Indian footwear manufacturers is that they’re unaware of a size 42. Most of them. That’s why it becomes such a hassle to walk into a showroom and ask for one. Previously I used to be very shy and embarrassed when the shopkeepers took one look at me and decided to shake their heads and say in their loudest voices possible that they didn’t have my size. I used to, with great difficulty, find a pair and then hang on to it for dear life for years together till they finally tore to shreds, Then the ordeal would begin again. But nowadays, I enjoy walking into a store and baffling the people when my heel sticks out of some of the size 42s as well. It’s funny, actually though at the time I didn’t think the same.


Seventh, the uniqueness. It’s my favourite part of being taller than most women. It makes me stick out. In a crowd of fifty people, I’m visible. My head is sticking out while the rest of them mind their own lives. It gives me a kick. Even when I’m in a lift of people, I can see the top of most of the people’s heads and that is fun. For me, in the very least because all the others can’t do the same. You may call it sadistic pleasure if you wish but that’s exactly what it is.


These are a few reasons why I’m blessed to be tall. But do note that this doesn’t mean being short is bad. In fact, that’s excellent as well. It’s fabulous to be able to fit in with everyone else and also find something else that is your own individualistic character trait besides something that is entirely physical.

On the other hand, you still can try the traditional methods of carrot eating and stretching to increase in inches, not sideways but lengthwise.

The End.


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