Adversity and its Aftermath

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Adversity can be an implementation of difficulty in life besides being an instrument of teaching a valuable lesson too. Often, the lessons we learn in life are learnt in the hard way. When things fall in to place, it is easy to be happy. Unexpected misfortunes give us strength to carry on in the trying times. One comes out stronger after going through troubled situations. Hence adversity is integral to personal growth.
Keeping in mind a few key points helps make us stronger individuals in times of trouble.
1. We create our own happiness. Happiness is inside each one of us.
Seeking to find happiness in clothes, food, money, is not the way to be. Happiness resides within us, not in external factors. Pleasures of the material possessions or the company of people, approvals, social credit or fulfilling of goals is just a temporary happiness. Everlasting joy comes from within. This feeling of inner peace gives us courage and strength throughout our life. Momentary boost of pleasure deprives us of constant peace with ourselves. Disapprovaladversity make us seek the consent of others who do not matter in the long run. Comparisons with others sap energy out of us and make us lose the inner contentment.
The happiness that comes from within is based on being grateful for who we are, what we have been blessed with, and this stands unshakable despite external events and continues to provide strength in times of need.
2. Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly experiences.
Life is an uneasy mix of good, bad and terribly ugly circumstances. One moment of joy can lead to a terrible devastation. Not to mention, as human beings who crave comfort, we tend to wish for the events to take place in our comfort zone. Embracing life with all its seasons, in totality of its experiences can be challenging but in the long run we emerge as grounded and better individuals. The real circumstances have a varied scenario. It leads us to experience content, anger, frustration, happiness, relief, anxiety, worry. These are unavoidable and cherishing the journey instead of complaining about the weather change is what makes a wholesome individual. Railing against difficulty is a way that leads us to more unhappiness.
3. Gratitude and more gratitude.
In the rapid pace of our hectic life, we overlook the gifts that life presents us with. More often than not, we end up cribbing about the difficulties we face and never give thanks for the golden opportunities that shape our lives. Taking people for granted, not taking heed of situations that alert us about the future make us complain about our lives which could otherwise be fulfilling. With the gift of thankfulness, life becomes simple and sorted. As we give thanks for the things we have, we receive much more owing with the positive attractions of universe. For instance when complaining about your job, for two minutes give a thought to those helpless souls who live by the roadside. You have a roof above your head, water, proper clothes, a room to call yours. They have no homes, let alone the comforts that you enjoy. Giving thanks and being happy about the little that we have makes us care for those who are not as privileged as we are and in turn, we become better human beings. Being grateful for life, health, education, a phone, good food makes us realize that there are innumerable people all across the globe, deprived of the basic necessities to existence.
4. It is not healthy to blame oneself.
Life brings to each one of us, both good and bad times. The recipe for disaster in the times of trouble is to keep blaming oneself instead of working at mending the situation. Embracing the different aspects of life is indeed difficult, yet what makes a difference is having the positive urge to work at improving the circumstances instead of taking it out on ourselves. Hatred and disgust take us nowhere. Grief can compel us to give up. The challenge is to rise above the situation and not let it hinder us in our future prospects. Being compassionate towards ourselves gives us the much needed faith to start from scratch.

As humans suffering and misfortune are part and parcel of our lives. It can be large or small, but pains take away from us the belief in good times. As humans it is okay it wish it to end. Kindness for our dear selves is the start of a happier journey. Adversity is a blessing in disguise. It teaches us lessons for the future, make us humble and help shape our lives better. In wishing ourselves a happy recovery from the trouble, we prevent hardening of our hearts, be open for love and good times and gear up for the journey towards happiness. Recognizing the adverse situations in life as the teachers of morality is key to a blissful existence. A willing smile, an eager mind, a will to make an approach at better things, and being open for what might come aids us with confidence for the adversities in future.

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