Aftermath of Ghandhari’s Curse…

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During the great war of Mahabarath between the Kauravas and Pandavas, tremendous destruction of men took place. Many important people lost sorry sacrificed their lives to withstand Dharma in the world. Many like Bhishma, Dhrona were dead so that Adharma’s side will not be protected anymore. But after some day of war, nearly 30 Kauravas were killed by Bheema. Hearing this news almost killed their mother, Ghandhari who is known for her huge sacrifice. When lord Krishna came to console her, her anger grew to the peak on seeing Krishna.

She started bursting out all her anger to him. She told that it was him who was the key reason for this Mahabarath. It was due to his tactics that she lost nearly 30 of her sons and started sobbing. But lord Krishna was calm and consoled her all way. But she was in no way to get consoled. She shouted at him and cursed him.The curse was….

“Krishna would perish after thirty six years.. his whole Dwaraka clan would face death in a very sorrowful manner. All the women will be treated cruelly by the men…”

He listened to her patiently and kindly replied saying that her curse will come true. He moreover thanked that she showed her whole anger on him rather than the mighty Pandavas as her curse is more powerful. Ghandhari realised after sometime that she has caused a grave mistake. She apologised to lord Krishna and insisted on getting back her curse. But lord just smiled at her. He again told that her curse will come true in future..

I really want to share you guys about this incident for a main reason. It is, the curse of a pure woman will always come true. Moreover the words uttered by a sacrificed woman will be too strong. Ghandhari had blind folded her eyes ever since she got married. She wanted to share her husband’s happiness and sadness. She always prayed for the welfare of the kingdom and her family. Thus words from such a woman will sure have great impact..

After 30 years…

The people of Dwaraka lead a prosperous life. They were too happy and rich. This by the day created a big problem. Every one became lethargic. Instead of working, they spent their days living a luxury life. People were corrupted and they started to go against the rules. This decreased the production of crops, raw materials and other works. Balram and Krishna remained quiet. At one point of stage, the ill behaviour of the people crossed the limits.

A sanyasi who lived near mountain side was in deep prayer. On one fine day, few drunkards who had fully drunk passed that way. They saw him meditating in a very sincere way. Those drunkards decided to interrupt his deep meditation. So they all had planned something which on due course resulted in their end. As per their plan, they dressed a man as a pregnant lady. They then went near that sanyasi and asked whether she will give birth to a boy or a girl baby? Knowing that it was a man he told,

“she will give birth to a stone …”

He cursed them that this would be the beginning of your end and left the place. But those people took it too lightly and went. But as per the curse of that sanyasi, that guy gave birth to a stone. Then they took that stone and went to seek the help of Balram and Krishna. Balram was too angry on them. Yet he wanted to help his people. So with the help of big instrument he reduced that stone into powder and filled into a vessel. Later he carried that vessel and sailed till the middle of the ocean. Then the powder from the vessel was emptied into the water. He was relieved on safeguarding his people and went home peacefully.

But life will not move on as per our wish all the time. We have to face the consequences based on our past deeds and present actions. Similarly, a mistake done by a person hath to be punished so that he does not repeat it again. So though Balram emptied the powder and acted in a wise manner, God is wiser than everyone. After few days, the powder moved nearby the sea shore with the help of moving waves. It got settled on the sandbanks and raised in the form of bushes. We all can think how can a bush be the reason for their destruction? Let us wait and see…

Few days passed. One evening, the people of Dwaraka had happily enjoyed their drink. Having drunk too much, they went near the sea shore and enjoyed its cool breeze. All had good chit chat which eventually grew into a big fight. Anger made them to uproot the bushes and whack each other. Now only the real twist begins. The bushes while coming into contact with a person, turned into a huge stone. As all were drunk they don’t know the consequences. Everyone whacked each other with huge stones and lost their lives by the dawn. Balram and Krishna understood that their end has come and slowly waited for the God to take them back.

From this it is clear that though lord Krishna stayed with the Pandavas to establish dharma, it has also lead to the death of many people. This made the purity woman Ghandhari to curse him and his whole clan in such an arrogant way. During those times, the curse or the blessings of a person who has sacrificed their whole life for the welfare of their family or country was more powerful. Thus in this way the whole clan of Dwaraka was destroyed by a powerful curse uttered by a pure woman Ghandhari..

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