Alpha Women  

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As a child, I spent my life looking up to and modelling myself on my life-long heroes – Chelsea FC stalwarts John Terry and Frank Lampard.

They’re born leaders, you know? They teach you how to master your innate (or acquired) ability to take charge of a situation – to be a captain. They lead by example, they are just and they’re strong. They have dominant personalities that always shine out amidst a crowd, and they never give up. Not even at the end.

I’m quite sure most men have or have had similar figures in their lives. Because the world of men is full of great heroes – Batman, Vegeta, Hercules, Drogba; they never stop rolling off the tongue. These characters are all strong, masculine men who all witnessed unimaginable pain and used it to become the very best they could be – and beyond that. Us men, we’re quite conditioned to believe that we have a superhero lying dormant within us – in whatever field we choose.

But unfortunately, female heroes haven’t ever received such prominence. They’ve pretty much just been portrayed as hot girls who can hold a gun without dropping it. That’s an oversight that men have acknowledged, and together, the world is trying to rectify the image of the female hero.

The Alpha Woman.

But you see, the Alpha Woman isn’t just a very powerful girl. She’s a woman who has mastered the art of being a woman, and has an unquenchable fire in her belly. Alpha Women are basically the women you’d want to be – if you’re a woman.

The Alpha Woman is one who walks into a room and stops whatever is happening not exclusively due to her appearance, but mainly due to the aura of invincibility she carries around her. The fire in a woman’s belly is so much more obvious than a man’s; it radiates around her like a big blaze that’s telling you not to mess with her.

Simultaneously, though, the Alpha Woman is a just female who is extremely sensitive to children and family ties, and will willingly cry – tears that she uses as a motivation to make sure that whatever made her cry never happens again. Tears that drive her on to greater heights.

But most crucially, the Alpha Woman is complete. In the sense that she has everything that she needs, and if she doesn’t have it yet, she goes out and gets it. She’s a lioness, basically. Yes, lionesses are the animal equivalent of Alpha Women – fiery, beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Before the 20th century, only maternal societies or women in very high positions of power (and very few of these) ever fit that profile; in the public eye. The stories of warrior women who took on armies or criminal organizations were never made public. The stories of women who ran empires and kingdoms better than any man before them were kept quiet. “History is written by the victor”, said Winston Churchill, and in the battle of the sexes, men had frequently come out as winners.

But when things started to even out and women became journalists and reporters, they looked to show a side of other females that the world didn’t know yet. That is when Alpha Women began to get their due respect. In all shapes and guises, across all races and income groups, these marvellous phenomena began to take their rightful place alongside heroic men.

Think about how many powerful, iron-willed women you know?



Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel, Oprah, Beyonce, Wonder Woman, Margaret Thatcher, GracaMachel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Cristina de Kirchner, Eva Peron, Angelina Jolie and Rosa Parks.

Every single one of those names is on par with the names littering the Male Hall of Fame (not that there is one, and not that there isn’t). That’s because they’ve reached their full potential as women. They’ve become Alpha Women. They’re perfect role models for young girls; what the next generation of women should seek to be.

They’ve changed their countries or the world in unforgettable ways. They sit in the highest thrones of power in their respective fields, and are treated with the utmost respect. Their voices are listened to just as carefully as that of war-hardened veterans. They lead men and women equally and always fight to make sure they get what they want.

Unfortunately, mass media is taking a U-turn. Where in the mid-2000s, the “flailing, tripping-on-a-gust-of-wind blonde” stereotype seemed to be going away, it is experiencing a resurgence of sorts. Just that now, the characters can shoot a little.

The point is, the strong women with real ambition and powerful messages are being drowned out by the dumb girl with the photoshop-happy agent. That woman is taking centre stage across every walk of life, and she’s going to become your daughter or younger sister’s role model. Is that what women really want?

Women empowerment isn’t just about telling girls what they’d ideally be – its about showing them their peers who have achieved that level. Every young man has someone whose path they’ve traced and want to follow; many of them are game-changers.

Women have game-changers – now they need to draw the path for young girls to follow.


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