“Always, always, always a bridesmaid!”

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This is a famous quote from a movie I absolutely adore- “27 Dresses”. A 2008 romantic comedy, it stars one of my all-time favourite TV and film stars, Katherine Heigl, along with James Marsden.

So the protagonist of this story is Jane Nichols (Heigl), a hard-working and talented woman, who is in love with the concept of weddings. Just like most girls, she has always wanted the perfect wedding, with her Prince-Charming, who, in her case, is her boss George. She has always dreamt of marrying the man she loves, in her mother’s wedding dress, in the same place where her parents got married. Having lost her mother at a very early age, and having to literally bring her baby sister Tess up, as her own child, her dreams somehow get lost in the process. She is a very giving and caring sister, daughter and friend, who always puts others’ happiness before her own.

So, because Jane loves the whole idea of a “perfect wedding”, we see her being a bride’s maid to 27 women, and in every case she is the maid-of-honour, because she is just so good at that. Her dedication to making that day special for the bride and groom has no bounds, and she is the ‘go-to’ woman if the bride has to get her dress collected, or her menu decided, or even when she wants someone to hold her dress while she pees!









So one night while Jane is juggling between 2 weddings, she meets Kevin Doyle (Marsden), who notices what she has been trying to do all night. As they share a ride home, he annoys her with his cynical views about marriage. As she leaves, she drops her filo-fax, which Doyle decides to go through. Being a journalist waiting for his big break, he sees the perfect opportunity in her “27 weddings” story. So he decides to get to know the girl who loves weddings, as this would help him to get ahead in his career. Doyle, in fact, writes a wedding column, which is loved by Jane, and she actually has cut-outs of his articles, but because he uses a pseudonym, this isn’t known to her.

Enter the super-hot model sister, Tess. The twist in the tale is that Jane’s crush George, and her sister, happen to fall in love, and they decide to get married. Which obviously crushes her heart, but because she is just so loving, she decides to keep quiet, even though the image Tess had given George, of herself, has been based on lies. So as she is planning her sister’s wedding, she gets to know that Kevin is the guy who writes her favourite wedding column. Being the maid of honour, she has to give an interview to him about her sister’s wedding, and in the process he clicks pictures of her in those 27 bride’s maid dresses, and sends them to his editor with the story. But as they get to know each other, Kevin starts developing a soft corner for Jane and feels that there is more to her, than what he knows. So he asks his editor to hold the story.

So Jane and Kevin eventually end up hooking up with each other, but just the next day, his editor publishes his story “Always, always, always a bridesmaid” and so Jane feels betrayed and furious. Add to that the fact that her sister Tess had cut up their late mother’s wedding dress, to suit her own fashion needs for her gown. They have a huge fight, and Jane reveals Tess’ lies to George at their wedding dinner, in the form of a slideshow. And so the wedding is off.

Later, in an experimental kiss with George, (after she quit her job), Jane realises that she loves Kevin. And she reveals that to him, in front of an entire crowd, at the wedding he was covering. A year later, Jane and Kevin are shown at their wedding, where Tess and George meet each other again. And all the 27 women turn up to return the favour to Jane, in the gowns she had to wear for their respective weddings!

I simply love this movie, and can watch it over and over again. Katherine Heigl is a very talented actor, and she plays the role of Jane very convincingly, making her 1 of my all time favourites. The weight of the entire movie was on her shoulders, and she pulls it off with as much conviction as Jane, pulled off weddings!

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The character of Jane makes this movie what it is- she has grace and poise, romance and sacrifice, love and fantasy, all in one. Most of us women can definitely relate to her desire of having the most beautiful wedding ever, in the most special gown, at the most memorable place. We can literally sense her nervousness when she is around George, or her annoyance when her favorite wedding columnist does not seem to believe in marriages. We get angry at how Tess walks in and takes over what was rightfully Jane’s, and kind of feel like sadists, when Tess’ marriage gets called off. The last scene of the movie, is my favourite, when Jane puts on her 28th dress, but here she wasn’t holding the bouquet for someone else, but was walking down the aisle towards the man she loves, to finally have her “happily ever after”. Also she finally gets re-paid for the service she had done to her friends, and we see this long line of hideously dressed bride’s maids, all of them present to share in her happiness, just like she was there to share in theirs..!

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