Amba and Her Mighty Revenge

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We all knew that Bhishma is the mightiest of all the warriors known for his valour and a person who follows the path of righteousness throughout his life. He used to live for the welfare of the kingdom and the people and will fight anyone to protect his father’s family. So in order to fulfil his owes to his family, he was compelled to do certain things which is found to be adharma. One such mistake was the way he conducted Vichitraveerian’s marriage. He was the second son of king Shanthanu and Sathyavathi. Since the kingdom had no king at that moment, Vichitraveerian has to be made the king as Bhishma took the oath of not becoming the king. But his second son is fit for nothing so only eligibility is by conducting his marriage. At that moment only the king of Kasi has three daughters who are of marriageable age and he has invited the princes of all the nations for the occasion. So the queen Sathyavathi asked Bhishma to bring those three princess and they can be married to Vichitraveerian. In the beginning Bhishma did not agree as it is not a good act but since he was forced by reminding about his promise to his father, he agreed to capture the princesses.

In kasi……

Everyone were really excited for the marriage preparations but not as excited as the three princess. They were Amba, Ambiga and Ambalika who were named after the three adorable flowers are known for their stunning beauty. Among them princess Amba was in love with king Salva and he was also invited so that she will choose him and they will get married.

During the occasion, Bhishma reaches the spot and asks the king of Kasi to allow him to take the three princesses along with him to get married to his brother and they would be the queens of the mighty Hasthinapur. The king agreed but Amba rose violently telling that she is already in love with Salva and will marry only him and Salva rose to fight Bhishma. Unfortunately, he was defeated… but Bhishma told that she can marry him and asked whether he can take the remaining two princesses. Ambiga and Ambalika were happy and went along with him. It may sound smooth but here comes the twist that king Salva denied to marry her as he was insulted in front of the whole parliament.

Amba was filled with rage and went in search of Bhishma who spoiled her life. Right back in Hasthinapur, there were arrangements for the marriage and there comes princess Amba. She asks Bhishma to marry her as because of him, she was abandoned by her lover. But Bhishma denied telling that he has sworn not to marry anyone throughout his life and if she wishes she can now too agree to marry his brother. But she denied and forced Bhishma to marry her. But when he objected it, she in her rage and disappointment of spoiling her life, swore that he will meet his end soon.

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Then Amba went in search of his teacher the mighty Parashuram and told how her life has been spoiled by Bhishma and told that she has come here to seek justice. Parashuram gave word that she will get her justice and Bhishma and his teacher had a tough battle. Both were equal so it was difficult for either of them to defeat the other. Seeing this, his mother Ganga was afraid and prayed for the lord Shiva to stop this. Then lord Shiva appeared before them and told them to stop. Amba begged for justice and wants to kill Bhishma for his injustice act. But lord Shiva told her that he cannot be defeated now as his father has blessed him with a woe that he will meet his end when he wishes. Moreover, Parashuram’s words too should become true. So he told that in this birth you cannot kill him but in next birth you will kill him. Hearing these words Amba cooled a bit and swore to him that he will be killed by her.

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She cannot wait for natural death so she herself met her end for this birth so that she can soon be reborn and kill him…

So as lord Shiva’s words, Amba will take rebirth as the princess of Panchal and daughter of Draupad. The kingdom of Panchal too was waiting for this moment to defeat Bhishma. So they named this baby girl as Shikhandhi and she will not meet her death till her revenge of killing Bhishma gets fulfilled. So she was brought up as a brave warrior and as per her wish her past memories will kindle her rage to kill him.

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She was be appointed as the head of the army and would win any war with her valor. But Shikhandhi’s life was tough and she waited for the time to avenge for her injustice. The time came when Kurukshetra began. She was the sister of Draupadi and Dushtasena too. So in order to fulfil her rebirth, she took sides of the Pandavas and was allowed to take part in the war. During the war, Bhishma denied to fight against a woman and Shikhandhi killed him and accomplished her revenge. So this was how the mighty warrior met his end as we know otherwise it was not at all possible to kill Bhishma….

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