Avoiding a Divorce

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How easy are our relationships nowadays! Just a bit of fight and dissatisfaction among couples, and the file a divorce. Yeah this easy and weak our relationships have become.

Divorce is hardly an exception anymore. In fact, with the rate of marriage declining over the past few decades, and the divorce rate holding steady increase, it seems the strong bond of marriage is fading day by day. Home is said to be the most divine place then anywhere in world, a person feels secure and peaceful at home than any other place. So here a question arises, does a family only consist of a mother and father? Does a child feel safe and peaceful at home? No, it also consists of children who are affected the most, on their parent’s divorce. These tender young minds are worse affected after their parent’s break up.

A home is incomplete without mother and father. These children are unable to fight and unable to oppose, all they do is, silently suffer the pain of separation from their parents. It isn’t easy for a single parent to run the family alone. Nurturing a child, cooking food, earning money, maintaining a social life, health, education and a lot more. It becomes difficult for one person to complete a child’s life. One can never be cynical about divorce; it’s true that divorce can give a solution to regular domestic violence. There are families which are worst facing domestic violence. It’s astonishing that we promise to stay together for next seven births and we can just fulfill that promise for one birth.

It’s true that one should never take permanent decisions for temporary problems and There is a solution for everything , there are relationship which lasted more than 80 to 90 years , so why not now. One person is bound with many relationships around him or her. Making a quit may not just ruin their life but also effect many other lives around them. Every relationship needs to do some sacrifices and compromises for a better living. Tit for tat doesn’t work for good relationship. Whenever a couple finds that their relation is fading or about to get over, they must talk to each other openly about it rather than including a third person between them. Take a break from your busy life and have a word with him. Try to completely banish divorce you’re your thoughts, you always have better options you just need to find them.

It’s true that modern times have made everyone engaged in their lives but try making some time for your spouse, never take them for granted. Honor them and respect them, try going out for dinner with them in weekends or family picnic. One may also make out some time together in gym every morning or swimming or doing any work together to keep your relationship happening and alive.


Keep good communication with your spouse even when you are away from them, without proper communication, no relation can work out in a healthy manner. Communication is one of the best problem solvers. Effective communication is an amazing way of strengthening a relationship. People have a wider mentality nowadays and most of them prefer to live an independent life, so if your partner too wisher for then same then provide her proper space for it. Never try to put limitations on your partner. Never try to control your partner, instead cooperate with them and motivate them towards their passion and ambition. If you have a good friendship with opposite sex in your office or outside somewhere then remember to disclose that relationship to your partner, let them know about your social and personal life, it makes you innocent and won’t let them suspect you anytime. Always remember to compliment your spouse both in private as well as in from of others. Appreciation is one of the best motivations. It will make them realize your love and they will do the same for you.

Remain faithful. Dr. Finnegan Alford-Cooper studied 576 couples who had been married for 50 years or more; in 1998, she released her findings in the book For Keeps: Marriages that Last a Lifetime. In her study, she found that 95 percent of the spouses agreed that fidelity was essential to a successful marriage, and 94 percent agreed or strongly agreed that marriage is a long-term commitment to one person. And these “lifers” weren’t making the best of a bad lot: a whopping 90 percent of the couples she surveyed said that they were happily married even after 50-plus years.

Keep your partner as a friend; moreover keep them as your best friend. Share secrets, share happiness, share sadness and also share pain. Even if you are facing any trouble inside home or outside do let your partner know about you, because sharing is caring. They will realize your love as well as trust. “Most disputes that break up marriages are over sex and money,” Top Los Angeles divorce attorney Stacy D. Phillips says. It’s good to talk openly about everything than keeping words inside and holding grudges which may silently kill your relation. Talking may be one of the best cures.

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At last but not the least, keep saying ‘I love you’ to your partner every day, this will ensure them that they are wanted and loved.

Raneeta Pal

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