I am beautiful as the real “Me”.

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Fleshing the stereotypical thoughts on women body type has been nurtured since ages. With the first step out of infancy the task of pleasing the society’s views is bestowed on her and it continues till she gives up to the world for the heavenly abode. The world has developed manifold, bringing meticulous changes in every sector, laying the path for a scientific life where diabolic practices and abominable rituals of primitive set ups are empirically proved to be insignificant in the welfare of mankind and thus be legally abolished. Alas! Only if getting a change in mindset would have been as easy as legalizing or illegalizing acts and practices. The time worn views on women and her world have been aptly being carried through all the generations. No extent of modernization, education, development has been able to bring a paradigm shift in the status of women to the world. She was morally, sexually, physically bound to satisfy the society, she is still holding that responsibility as the prime motto of her life and god forbids if ‘we’ women don’t stand up then probably our next generations will also be thrown at the same cobweb.


Every segment of society strongly supports the prevalence of the preconceived stature of women through their actions; be it media, corporate houses or a middle class household. A little girl since childhood is said that her Barbie is beautiful which strongly hints at the thrust imposed on the child to be rightly fleshed and remain under the tag of ‘petite’. No matter how many little hearts died out of lack of nutrients while complying with the ‘look’ set by the society. This is probably the only concern which every society is facing irrespective of their economic soundness. The situation in the western nations is not even a wig better. Girls from tenderly ages get deeply entailed into the way they look. The free minded, casual childhood is somewhere vanished in the world of glitz and glamour. Fakeness have so strongly fallen on natural that it lost its eminence. Looking beautiful has taken a different connotation and the society with its all aids have been so aptly been able to instill the belief that looking in a ‘particular’ way is vital for earning social respect, peer appreciation and corporate success. At times it appears like a very thoughtful plan has been implemented in restoring the stereotypical notions which would ensure the growth is achieved in inequitable terms.


Is there an end to criticism? The answer is certainly No. in the process of earning appreciation so many have lost their identity, millions have compromised with their dreams, little hearts have stabbed their wishes but that prince ridding the white horse never came who could love “ her” for what she was and she wanted to be. It is time to understand, realize and rightly practice that real is far too different from reel. Every individual comes with a set of genes which are different and thus all can’t look the same type. On an even more important note is appreciation more important than well being? Is being called ‘hot’ more alluring than being ‘happy’? Is it justifiable to expect men to be healthy and women to be hot? Are women meant only to comply to set standards and in the process compromise with her own desires? Is beauty a subject of vanity? Is there an end to expectations from the way a lady looks, isn’t it high time we acknowledge the absolutely triviality of looks especially after proving women power in every field of excellence. We have something better to get tagged under than “obese!” “Skinny!” “Dark!” “Short!” “Flat chest!” “Assless!”


Beyond the right to live with dignity there is a more crucial law which is freedom of choice. Legally we all are well aided to live a life where personal preferences would reign but can one negate the role of society in one’s personal joy. Nonetheless the society is a thread of norms woven by human beings and it is all available to get altered. Women for centuries have not been able to take the wheel on the other end and say “I am ugly to you but beautiful to me and I prefer myself this way!” The task of inner fight is far more difficult than to fight the world. Beauty, being always a emotional element in women have not been able to strike the harsh chord and thus have been left vulnerable which is exploited by the other agents of society for their personal developments.  The only way to break the shackles and come out of this pre conceived image of women is to first accept oneself as beautiful with the natural endowments. The route starts from the mirror without those cosmetics and then to the outer world where with time everyone will accept. As said, society accepts what it sees, if you are beautiful in your own eyes in your no’ make- up’ state the world will be compelled to love you in that form.


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