The Beauty Race

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“Wanted a beautiful, tall (5’3″ – 5’6″), well qualified bride from educated and reputed family for a NRI boy working in…………photo of the girl along with family….. Phone: 00000000 Mobile 00000000000 E-mail:”

So it goes on the endlessly…… through the various age groups and across different cultures.

We have heard the famous tag lines such as

“Yashomati maiya se puche nand lala, Radha kyu gori mai kyu kala”

Or this one for example….“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”

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These tag lines do not specifically mean fairness, but what they do is relate fairness and beauty. They mean fair is beautiful and that is what is wanted.

From breast implants to grafting around 15 million people went through these cosmetic surgeries across various countries. With increasing number of such surgeries being performed all across the globe, there is no doubt about the beauty race that is going on.

This is the perfect representation of how the woman is today’s society is being objectified; She is not being treated as a living being but an object to please the eyes of its viewers. We can see 40 year old men getting married to 25 year old girls. Reason? A young and beautiful wife is a status symbol.

A women’s beauty has today become a measure of her social value. Who cares once she is old, when her eyes are surrounded by sagging skin or her face characterised by wrinkles.

Who is responsible?

Some would say the society the peer pressure and things like that.

It may sound a bit rude….but the truth is that, it is she. Yes the one who gives substance to the myth and makes it closer to reality. In our hearts we all know that it is not the most beautiful girl who gets the most handsome bridegroom or the best lifestyle. We also know that it will not last forever. Someday we will grow old and then this illusion will fall apart.

What will matter in the end is who can look through the treacherous veil and into our hearts. The one who will really understand and care for us.

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Still we fall into this trap, for that single moment of pleasure that would know it is about to be over in the next. It is the women who can stop the beauty race, by simply boycotting it.

The funny thing is that  even men have joined this race now. Those 15 million who went under the surgical knife include the men as well as women.

Now I see 10 yr old worried about their hairstyles or teenagers staying hungry for staying slim, I wonder……Is it really that important??

When I was 10 year old I only cared about my favourite doll….!!!

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Beauty has its own value but only when one understands what beauty really is.  We seldom realize that a selfless smile has more worth than a mean and an inconspicuous one. That is where true beauty is. It is not in colour of your skin or the curve of your hips. It is in your actions and the way you communicate.

Why do we accept beauty advertisements that claim to brighten your complexion in few months days or even minutes…….!!!

Some people go to the extent of claiming that these creams will not only enhance your beauty but also boost up you self-confidence.

For that I would only like to quote Freida Pinto…

“If a cream can give you confidence, then you really have to check your whole confidence department in the first place.”

This is truly a remarkable statement and worthy of appreciation. More importantly it entirely defies the beauty cream concept in the simplest words.

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I am not against beauty creams but the fact that these are being considered as tools for enhancing beauty and confidence. The real confidence is in what you truly are; it is in believing in yourself.

All this does not mean that one should not yearn to look beautiful. It is a universally known that the way you carry and dress yourself tells a lot about the person you are. But to get into a race for beauty is completely illogical. After all there is no measure of how beautiful one can be. Everyone is special in their own way. Beauty is something that is gifted to us and we do not choose. To make someone feel inferior or less based on that is unethical.

We all know that in times of sadness a caring hand and few words right words are more precious than a beautiful one. We never care how beautiful our mothers are because for us she will still be her face will still be the most lovely face on earth. Or a mother does not care, less for a child who is not as beautiful.

As one must not judge a book by its cover one must not judge a person from his looks, because real treasure is what lies within. It is only when we go beyond the line to discover the silver lining; we realize that everyone is beautiful and special in their own way.

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