Our beloved world: the cliched humanity

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So, roaming around on Facebook during my refreshing leisure walks, which have become technologically virtual as doing anything devoid of technology is considered as barbarian nowadays, my eyes just couldn’t resist enlightening my brain about this one post that had won the Oscar in the world of posts. People were helplessly ‘liking it’ and sharing it ‘cause you know, people share what they like so that others get the opportunity to like it too. In an exaggerated world, the post was all over my news feed, and it didn’t boast of some “troll” as one would expect owing to its renown; it just had the words “We live in a world where porn star are treated as actors, and rape victims aren’t treated as humans” bolted on some soothing background that amplified the message the post was meant to convey. Getting on the train that said “Dumb driven cattle”, I quickly liked and shared the post too. My faith in humanity had been restored.

rape 4

The incessant occurrence of the post on my Facebook wall swanked about the fact that people cared; I mean, in this world where people are so busy that the actual humanity has been devoured, this did mean something. It wasn’t a conjecture; humanity wasn’t dead after all; and in the happiness enchanted by this I basked.


Well, everything in this mortal world is finite, be it joy, grief, or the very thesis that acts as the foundation to our emotions, everything comes to an end. Even in my delusional world my feelings aren’t everlasting, so how can my contentment now be an exception? With all the instruments that propel my facial expression having a sign of “at peace” at their respective doors, I saw a comment from a female, who in my perspective is an ardent believer of feminism. She said that why did I have to degrade a porn star to emphasis on rape victims. Be it a porn star, or a law maker, everyone is doing their job to feed their stomachs. When the righteous society can only blabber about morals and culture, and act like a dimwit when it’s supposed to reiterate the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”, there’s nothing wrong in what a porn star, or for that matter a prostitute does for a living. “Exposing” or, having sex for money( please don’t loathe at this. People are raping and killing in the honour of all kinds of vices; save your aghast for that) is definitely better than betraying, killing, raping, etc. for money. At least the former two professions don’t tarnish the image of humanity. Human beings comprise the most stupid and sad race on this planet.

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We might think that we are the most civilised and cultured and what not, but, we have these huge rooms for our delusions, do we not? I felt pathetic. The friend of mine had lifted the curtain off, and what I beheld then was the often sighted “bitter reality”. Yes, the post did have a good intention and motive I reckon, but, that goodness was at the ulterior cost of demeaning a porn star. In the awfully developed world of ours, the society acting as our mentor, we learn, and make a list, similar to the list of pros and cons; however, this list, unlike to the one its similar to, is made only once during one’s lifetime, and like how a Constitution goes under amendments, which are arduous, this sanctified list of “Good and Bad” is too; with the brain somehow compensating for the contentious ministers. It’s always welcoming to do something good for the society, but at what cost? Killing a rich man and stealing all his fortune to favour the poor isn’t really what we should be doing. The rape victims are surely not treated as humans in many parts, but that doesn’t mean we look down upon the porn stars, or the prostitutes, who, in the eyes of the society are “self abasing”. Although there wasn’t any action other than the “liking” and “sharing” of this post, but, it had become axiom that most of the puppets of our society looked down upon porn stars. Aren’t the porn stars whom we so disgustingly abhor humans after all too? We take sadistic pride in upholding the fact that rape victims aren’t given the treatment as close to humans, and, at the same time we treat porn stars and the others, who are “unholy”, worse than dogs. Well, in my opinion dogs are much better than humans. However, going by the humanly phrases to emphasise on the whole situation, let’s take dogs standing at the lowest point on the scale of paragon. So, yeah, we’ve made the humans, who practise the blasphemous professions, as marionettes of the dark. Such are the advanced times that darkness is seldom associated with the magnificence of the stars, and often, with a smirk and sly grin, the thoughts that only belong inside our minds ‘cause if we picture them out, we’d too be tainted, prowl out of their hiding. If a porn star or a prostitute is devoid of dignity, so are we. Dignity is nothing but a made up word to blur our thoughts and place us directly under the axe of misapprehension. The thinking is what really counts. If we believe in discrimination but haven’t voiced it, or ‘action-ed it out’ yet we are no less than racists, sexist, or some other form of  –ist. So, rather than lying down lazily on your couch of delusional righteousness, let your brains think straight. Make your narrow streets a little broader, and get rid of the odour of ignorance. We better start thinking rationally ‘cause in times such as today, our beloved Wikipedia lists prostitute as a synonym of demean. Clichéd humanity, I salute thee!

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