Beware of who you befriend

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“Unable to choose something and fix upon that one idea quickly has never been a talent to me, I must confess. Then again, just like everything in the world, being fickle has its own share of merits and demerits. There are things in life that one has to be quite particular and careful when choosing; fixing upon things in a vague and impulsive manner might as well prove pretty dangerous in the future—near or far. And then there are those things which are so volatile that no matter how much care and awareness you put into while selecting it, it still proves itself destructive. I am currently of the ‘I am sixteen, going on seventeen’ fable of the famed song from ‘The Sound of Music’. And if its anything that has turned foe on me for having been so thoughtful and caring—its wouldn’t be anything but friendship.

It doesn’t always remain in the innocent era—it is not always smiles, lollipops and balloons. One faces the many ‘facets’ of ‘friendship’ while growing up. And it is pretty nasty that most of these ‘facets’ head toward malice, jealousy, destruction and almost everything else. ‘My friends backstabbed me!’ soon becomes a regular sentence.

A friend isn’t someone you cling to just because of their popularity, cuteness, or anything else materialistic. They say love and liquor mature over time. The same goes for friendship, too. You might go calling someone as your ‘friend’ and the other your ‘best friend’. It isn’t any distinction, the ranking strata—as they’re both going to leave you stranded someday. Just like that. It also doesn’t have to be friendship when ‘Gosh, we totally connect with each other! We could be siblings!’ and gushing over it. I’d call it the most stupid thing—at point blank. Why deny stating something so true as anything just because those around you are so possessive, and even have a longing to hide the truth?

The truth is that I’ve never had any luck with friendship. Friends used to be ‘passing clouds’ till now. Maybe even now—who am I to clarify? Though thanks to all that, I’ve learnt very many important lessons; I don’t care about emotions, sentiments or anything warm and fuzzy for that matter. I’m past all that. I don’t give a second glance when its all just a façade. What’s the use?

Then again, sigh.

Thank you, Vidya S.

Thanks for supporting me with your all till now.

Yeah, we resemble a pair of rabid dogs when we simply talk—which people around us deem as ‘fighting’. Now that’s something I don’t understand…

It is precisely an year since we got to meet—and it still seems so lively and refreshing with our hourly bickering. I’m not good with vocalizing my thoughts, so I thought of writing them down so you might always have a piece of the ever-so-annoying me. Because you aren’t that careless with things as I am.

I want this to be a present for your seventeenth birthday, and also as a sort of tribute for successfully having completed a year since meeting you—with no squabbling.

Please take care of me from now on, too. As I’ll care for you.

Your assured and annoying friend,


–> was what I had written, titled “An ‘Untitled’ Ode” to a friend while in the last year of high school (Grade 12) as a present for her birthday. Somewhat foolish, yes. But with a desire of not wanting to gift commercially produced things to a friend so dear, and with no time back then to gift something handmade, I resorted to writing this little ‘dedication’ for I thought that some heartfelt words penned across with fancy words strewn here and there would give that friend feel real happy that year for her special day.

This was about an year ago or so.  As of now, I am no longer in touch with that person–she stopped contacting me once she made some ‘better’ friends and I for one, am somewhat ecstatic that such a person is out of my life for good. When I say ‘such,’ I mean to say that I now know her for what she is, and that I find bliss in that realization.

This girl was who I deemed my best friend; we were both fine with one another’s family at home, shared interests and perspectives in life, agreed on many other views and were envied by our classmates for we were that much in sync, like they saw ‘two peas of a pod’. Things went really smooth for the first year and a half that I knew her. Later, when visits to each others’ places were frequented, things began to change and head toward the negative direction, eventually landing me in the worst enlightening of my life so far.

Simple hugs and friendly touches are common in all friendships, true. It is also not uncommon for girls who are friends to kiss one another on the cheeks when elated. This girl gave me the worst nightmare when she slowly began to branch out further on her displays of ‘affection.’ To put things in a creamy, buttered up way but actually not, I was subjected to forcible sexual assault by her. Not much though, but just about enough to mentally scar me forever. Let’s spare you readers all the gory details.

After this incident, I have been evermore enthusiastic in distancing myself from her, which I have now accomplished. And I must admit that it was a feat in itself.

For those of you who wonder if this article is quite sketchy without a point at hand: this is a warning notice to all of you to be cautious with how interaction goes about in your cycle of friends. With the banner of support for the ‘colorful’ people flying high now, we find many who come out of the closets. It is wonderful if they do that, but is not at all tasteful if guised attempts are made at you with friendship being a black veil to shroud the atrocities.

Should things go out of hand, please be brave and shake yourself off of this intrusive presence. Of course, this is an if-you-know-what-I-mean kind of post. It is fine to take go great lengths to protect yourself from all that. Just wonder how straight the straight-people really are for it is most rightfully said that there could be a wolf hiding in sheepskin.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is in no way written to hurt sentiments of anyone; this is merely stating my personal experience, and asking the readers to keep their associations closely guarded. For I believe that to be a good writer, I should be fine with exemplifying myself to reach across my point to the readers is all.

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