Me and my body- type

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Mirrors and women have always shared a love – hate relationship. The ‘real’ which mirrors reflect and the ‘expected’ which women desires often fall parallel to one another. Yet this bond is woven with huge necessity and admiration. It is relieving to view oneself and undergo a personal criticism on one’s body type. Probably there is no woman who is happy with one’s shape and size. There is always something which’ could have been better.’ This thirst to modify oneself to appear like something or someone has taken quite a toll on body. The desire to clone oneself has cut all boundaries of age, class, caste and appear a threat to well being. The potency of this trend has intensified over the years, risking million lives to vulnerable conditions and at several times costing life as well.


The plausible reason for such an outburst of getting a tailored body type could certainly be the impact of media. Young girls believe in what they see and as long as they are able to support the price of the cosmetic ventures they attempt for it without sparing a second thought on its impact on body and immunity. Beauty is an extremely relative concept and is no end in its alteration. I could strongly say something which appeared beautiful to someone in childhood has certainly lost its rank in that ladder with teenage coming in and so it is with every phase of life. Sometimes the span of it is so short that it can be eluded in merely six months span. Subjecting oneself to such temporary mental cravings is an unappreciated act and grave enough if its repercussions are calculated.


There is a common tendency among women to believe there is an ongoing trend and they try to be at par to it. There can possibly be no trend above being healthy. It is not vital to club oneself under some category of body shape say it whether hour- glass shaped, pear shaped, vase shaped etc. A person can be healthy being skinny or stout. It is important to remain healthy irrespective to the body type one owns. Body type, skin color, beauty traits are genetic which comes natural. This is probably what one distinguishes from another. It is the biggest gift of god to human race else there would have not been much difference between man and beast. It is so exasperating to see educated, established experienced women too quite often fall short of their intelligence in analyzing this unique giving to human beings and run after making their body appear like some digitally attuned images.


The blame of living ’unhealthy’ for a desired look is generally bestowed upon the younger generation especially the teenagers who at some fit of blues confess of dreaming to achieve a zero size body and don a look of international standard. However, the little girls voice their desires while the adults go and get it done, say it the privilege of economic independence or showcase of matured psyche.  The impact of the service is same on both. Amongst the adults the tendency to go for medical aids are more.  Numerous chemicals injected, several threads sewed and invasions of scissors are all accepted and paid for in order to achieve a ‘look’. In practical world only if looks could have got everything in life, if it would have been not a means and an end so much to bestow on it could have been appreciated. Women from metropolis strongly state appearance of a particular type are crucial for professional recognition and social stature. It is a necessity which society has brought in and women are just put through it to conform to it. The strong headed, independent soul modern women framing such inevitable society had woven situations for them to get exploited to falls hard on the mind to accept. When all decisions of life are centered upon oneself how can nose or eyes or lips or waist or hips be controlled on the wish of others and more importantly when vital subjects are decided with independence how on these matters women fall a prey to the paternalistic society, as they claim to do!


Loving one is the first step to be able to love everything on earth and if taken a poll on ‘Do u love yourself?’ it is likely to achieve a 100% positive outcome. Now bring a slight change in the same question ‘Do u love yourself in your current shape?’, the poll would certainly show a dip in positive replies. Loving oneself is not enough it is equally important to love one with the natural attributes. Media thrives on society and is engined with its trends. Letting media fall heavy on oneself and welcoming disastrous consequences to be shouldered singly is definitely a strong and irrelevant choice. In the process of cloning oneself into someone that individuality is lost. This is beautiful several times more than anything else? People accept with time and admire in even longer time. Mere looks, shapes, sizes can never play a strong role in long run. So why to incur an expense so hefty in all forms which would last for a small time frame? Live a life which does not call for losing on anything to achieve something. Beautiful you will always shine the surrounding with confidence and charm, bringing you oodles of love and appreciation.


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