Bollywood takes a turn

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Now a days Bollywood had taken a new turn, now there are a few movies that are more women centric, where women play a more pivotal role than just being a supporting actress on side. These movies show a different side of women. Rather than women just being a part of the story, these days there are movies that revolve around women, show life from their perspective. Movies like No one killed Jessica, Chandi bar, Dirty Picture, Kahani, Queen and some more have women as the protagonist and show their stories and their struggles through life.




Kahani is a movie about a woman who is trying to find her husband, while she is pregnant. As the movie progresses we see how perseverant and desperate she is to find him and how she goes to so many lengths to find out where he is. During her journey in an unknown city we get to see many sides of a woman. Where from being a loving wife on one hand to being extremely resourceful on the other, we get to go through her emotions. She is shown as a woman with a caring and loving heart that she comes all the way from London to Kolkata in search of him alone. In her quest, she breaks into an office and has to deal with conspiracies and people trying to stop her but she is not thrown off her path even for one second and continues her search. This shows how much patience and courage she has. In the end it is revealed that she was the wife of a dead officer and was helping another official find the man responsible for it. She wanted to avenge her husband’s death and find the man responsible for this. In the last scene we see her shooting the man responsible, during which she doesn’t hesitate for a second. In this movie we go through a whole range of emotions of women and how if they decide on something no one can stop them.


Queen is a coming of age movie, where a girl goes through a tragedy and comes out shining. She realizes that there is more to a woman than just being married off; even if it is to someone you love. It is important to be independent and have your own identity and not be tied to a guy like a cattle. In this movie the actress and the hero are childhood lovers and their parents decide to get them married. They get engaged and he leaves for London. When he comes back he feels a certain difference in him and the queen and on the day of the wedding calls it off. She is devastated and broken and thinks that this is the worst thing that could have happened to her. It had always been her dream to visit Europe and so for their honeymoon that is where they had decided to go. After the marriage is called off, she decides to go on that trip alone hoping that it will make her feel better. There we see how she overcomes the barriers of language in a foreign land, with no one to come to her aid.

Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen flim images

We see her struggle to even find food to eat as she could not understand the language. There she befriends an independent and life loving waitress who is partially Indian. The waitress helps her open up and tried to make her independent. She even gives her a makeover. Next she goes to Amsterdam where she rents a room and finds out that she has three guys as roommates. Initially she is skeptic but then she comes around. We see how she overcomes her fears. Also see participates in a cooking competition which she wins. She also has to do things that she has never done before. She teaches herself to drive and open up. After her adventurous tour she comes back a new person completely. She is confident and independent and believes in herself and wants to do something productive with her life. Throughout the movie we see queen struggling with life and how she overcomes them and comes out strong. We realize that women are just as capable and can overcome anything in life.


The movie No one killed Jessica shows the story of a woman journalist who wants to give justice to a girl who was murdered and the murderer owing to the fact that he was from powerful family was out on the streets. It shows how helpless she feels at the situation and desperately want to right this wrong. She fights with her own boss to have a show on this case and goes against the whole world, even putting a target on her back to get justice. This shows that despite having a soft heart women are resilient. And can go to huge lengths to get justice. At the end with her efforts and dedication she reopens the case and stirs up the whole country and starts a protest, where she does get injured. Even this does not stop her in her mission and she keeps going until the very end and tries her level best to get Jessica the justice she deserves. This shows the power of women and how they can stir up thousands of people for justice and how despite all barriers put in front of them, women never give up.

These movies show us three different stories of three different women and how they struggle to attain what they want and how that struggle changes them. All of us can connect to them on some level in some aspect and learn to cope up with our struggles and fight our battles the way they did.


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