Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

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Why should boys have all the fun ? “ , this is probably the one question that rises in every girl or a woman’s mind , either during her childhood or adolesescence or even after crossing the forties .

Our Indian society has been a male-dominated or a patriarchal society as it is called , since times immemorial. Girls or women have been viewed as mere objects. It is always the girls who have been subjected to an endless list of restrictions and “ Do s and Don’t s “ . I cannot recollect a single memory where it was my elder brother being instructed or asked to correct himself . “You are a girl “ , “ Stay within your limits “ , ……. etc are the words clearly etched deep in every girl’s mind because we are brought up with that mentality . Our grandmothers , then our mothers and now we – the tradition continues . The tradition of a girl eating one chocolate less because her brother demands for her share , tradition of crushing her dreams , living in mental and physical binds , watching her words while talking to elders or wearing clothes that her father wants her to wear.

A girl is taught since her growing age to learn to bend in front of everything elders say and not allowed to speak out her mind. And this is where the problem starts . The more women do things according to the norms of the society and culture , the more we are taken advantage of . In India , we worship so many goddesses and call the girl as the “ Lakshmi of the house “ . Then why do we hear about young girls in fact small infant girls being raped and read about sexual abuse . Statistics show that 95 percent of the rape victims do not report about their rape to officials . The sole reason is that the girl first thinks about her family and the bad name that the shameful act meted out with her will bring to her parents . She is scared that nobody will accept her and that she will never get married.  She is scared to even open her mouth.

If we have to look from the perspective of things happening within the four walls of the house, here again there is a long list. Girls are always shooted with questions one after the other about where they are going , why are they going , when will they be back , so on and so forth . While it is never an issue if boys leave the house without informing and enter the house at whatever time they feel like. Girls are shut when they talk about their dreams, whims and fancies. They do not have the freedom to choose a career on their own and chided if they aspire to pursue engineering or sports. Girls are always expected to take up designing, painting or home science related courses against their will in most of the cases. There are restrictions on the clothes she wears or the way she sits. The Burqa system, for example, should hold importance as a religious sentiment or respect to culture, but not imposed as a compulsion.

The same is at workplace or any other public place. Women have to be careful while interacting with their peers in terms of body language and physical contact. Likewise, it is different for every single girl. These are little things generally overlooked, but they definitely have a strong mental impact on the individual going through it.

Some of the girls reading this article might not have faced situations as mentioned and may not agree with me. The point here is not being against boys, but girls taking a stand for them. We need to be encouraged to voice ourselves and to be listened to. Excellent examples are all the successful women entrepreneurs, politicians, social activists and feminists who have come out of their comfort zones, fought for their rights and expressed their thoughts fearlessly.  Modern outlook of the society and practical approach could help. Parents have an important and crucial role to play. Parents have to assure that they trust their daughters and be her support system. This would reduce half the fear of the outside world and girls will be able to confidently make decisions and move ahead.  It will be wrong to tell that women have little or no commonsense and cannot make major work or home related decisions because they are emotional, less rational and mentally weak. Rather, God has blessed us with more emotional stability quotient and the strength than men to take things as they are. But this strength is converted into our weakness and undue advantage is taken. While it is important for a girl to know her limits as per the creation of nature, it is not wrong if she is being practical and scientifically tempered.

On a lighter note, significant and the right amount of freedom must be given to girls of all ages to do things they like or they enjoy or be in the company of people they are comfortable with. In this era of rising crimes against women every day, in my opinion it is important for all girls to make friends with boys of their age and spend time talking and being with them. This will help girls know about boys better and understand their thinking process, etc. Most important, all girls must be respected and looked upon with dignity to bring about a change.

Soon will the day come when we can proudly say “Even girls can have all the fun “.

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