A Boy’s (not men) visit to Garstin Bastion Road (G.B Road)

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Prostitutes of India


Fantasies are inevitable; the fantasies of alluring lady, tantalize us every now and then,  The human desires are among the strongest acting force acting beneath the sky, they duress you to do witless things; you can’t resist much, even if you do, it won’t last long, one day or other they will vanquish your curb and lead you towards idiosyncrasy.

Driven by such vehemence, I decided to pay a visit to the famous Garstin Bastion Road, New Delhi, popularly  known as G.B Road, not because I wanted to be sexually involved, the visit was curiosity driven, not sexually propelled. I wanted to see how Brothels look like (called kothas in India), how it feels to be asked for sex by a prostitute, to see how much the truth commensurate with Bollywood famed kothas, will they be the same, or contradicting?

I mentally prepared myself and begin to research about this place, location, distance, landmarks (really?), safety issues and timings , of course, I got to know that taking camera, expensive watches or purses, or anything valuable could be troublesome. The Place was not very far from my place and the best time to visit was dusk. Initially I decided to pay a visit sometime later but I ended up fixing a forthcoming one.

The day had finally arrived, it was Saturday and my college was off, I board the metro towards Huda city center and Depart at New Delhi Metro Station and exit from the Ajmeri  gate, I was nervous and the very thought of asking auto driver was making me agitated, I gathered all my courage and ask one auto driver: “Bhaiya, G.B Road?” the ignominy was descending down my face, and to make it worst the autowala gave me such preternatural look I feel like an alien arrived from mars asking to have sex with him. After  a split second he said “Get in, 50 rupees” ,I didn’t even negotiate, frankly speaking, for the first time I was this happy on boarding an auto, I feel like a Indian mujahidin terrorist wanted to hide his face so that no one could see me.

Throughout the way, I keep gazing out of the auto corners, maybe I got a glimpse of a prostitute looking down her balcony or windows, but I didn’t. Suddenly the Auto driver halt at a place and indicate me to leave the auto, I came out in surprise to sight the milieu.

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It was a market! There was absolutely no sight of any such activities, i started walking into the Crowd until I got the first glimpse of a prostitute, she looked out of a tiny window, alas! She saw me staring at her and there it was: the first manifestation, she passed me some signals indicating me to come up and few of them were pretty sultry! Blood ran through my face, my heart was pumping adrenaline instead of blood, i ran reluctantly until I found a ‘suitable’ one where not many people were in sight.

For a moment I feel like going back, but then I profess myself “just one visit to the prominent Kotha no. 64, then I’ll go back”, I summoned my valour and began to walk again, a part of me was still startled, the road was now narrowing and I can see more faces, my eyes were looking all around to find the ‘no. 64’ written somewhere, it was 7 in the evening and the sun was almost on the verge of vanishing. I can see the faces in the balconies escalating, I had to hurry, I could be exploited by a tout otherwise.

I saw a hanuman temple on my way to find kotha no.64, astonishingly, finding a temple at such places seems unusual, prayers leaked out of my mouth axiomatically, I started walking again and hardly a few yards, I found kotha no. 64!

So, there I was, a 19 year old fainthearted boy, gawking a famous brothels entrance, the feelings  were mixed , an amalgam of both what a pilgrim and atheist possess after watching a temple, one wanted to go in for the sake of curiosity, other did not, ultimately I decided to go inside.

I entered inside the gate , my legs were shuddering and trepidation was killing me, it was a three floored building with very narrow staircase, the first floor was very crowded, immediately I started examining the milieu, I was clueless but I wanted to know more, there was a small counter and a fat old dame was sitting there,  unable to gather courage, strong enough to reach the counter, I decided to ask a men standing beside me, I whispered “ Bhaiya, what to do now?”, He looked at me like I am asking to marry her wife, “ Kya karna hai, ch****ya parchi kata aur line mei lag ja, number ayega tera bhi”!
This was quintessence of my tolerance, i passed him a barbarous look and then I ran, ran until I came out of that purgatory, I catch an Auto and shout “ Le chalo bhaiya, bas ab metro le chalo”!

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