Breaking the norm

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Women have always been those creatures of the universe who have nearly always been subjected to restrictions. Knowingly or unknowingly they have been provided with set norms to be followed during the course of their lives. And these so called norm and structures has been going on and being followed since ages. Women are expected to behave in a certain way, behave in a certain manner , do certain things, accept certain things and always be a little more understanding.

People believe times have changed. Not really. The time and the mentality of people have not really changed it is only because women now are breaking the set norm, revolting, fighting for their very deserved rights that things and the scenario appear to us as much more advanced. It is because women are tired of being stereotyped , tired of fulfilling others expectations – the society’s expectations. There is no denying the fact that boys/men do get a lot of liberty or freedom over girls/women. Still, women are expected to be mature, to behave in a grown up way at a very tender age. They are expected to walk in a certain way and talk in a certain manner. They are expected to learn all those household chores in their teens and if they fail to do that , mind you they are lacking somewhere. Women are expected to dress in a certain manner , wear some particular type of dress at a particular occasion. They are not supposed to ever even think of drinking that’s close to sinning for them and hanging out with guys/ men before marriage labels them as a characterless woman. She is supposed to be that calm , patient and an understanding woman listening graciously every slander thrown at her because as they say ” ignorance is bliss”.

breaking the norm

A woman is expected to wake up early, take bath and get ready because lazying around in her pajama’s will make her a bad woman.

Now my question to all this is who makes all these norms for girl? Who decides the way in which we should behave ? If the very obvious answer to my question is ” our society” then why is our society laying rules for only girls/women. Why aren’t girl given the discretion to act on their own ? We are not supposed to stay late outside the house because its not safe and people are not nice. Really? Then are we supposed to sit at home fearing those ” not so nice people” in the outside world? No, we are supposed to break this norm and go out and given the freedom to live our lives the way we want instead of being controlled all the time.

We are not supposed to avoid and ignore all those eve-teasers , we are supposed to give them an answer and show them that this kind of derogatory behavior is not acceptable. Our silence will only add to their sky reaching ego’s. What if we don’t want to follow these stringent rules laid for us? What if we want to live our lives the way boys and men do ?Society’s expectation are a curse for women and they spend all their lives fulfilling what others expect out of them, sacrificing her own joys and her own freedom. But is this really necessary ? No. Wit the increase in education and awareness women are breaking these norms that confine them and take away a lot out of them. They are not ready to sacrifice at the cost of their future and their happiness.

Women now are ready to take the risks they avoided, they want to live their own way on their own terms. There should be nothing wrong if a woman wants to do night shift at her work place. or if she doesn’t want to get married at an early age. Nobody has the authority or the right to judge a women/ girl if she wants to hang out with men/ boys. She know’s her limits , she knows her boundaries and she is very well aware as to what is right and what is wrong for her. Then considering her submissive or not not intelligent enough is wrong on the society’s part. You cannot take someone else’s decision for life and expect her to follow and agree to them. You cannot make rules for somebody else’s life and take away their freedom.

Women now are acting on their won and for their own good. They are being the type of women they want to be because expecting the whole women clan to be same is foolish. Women are moving towards a path which is way ahead of these norms they were being made to follow since ages because they understand and realize that its their life and nobody else can decide their course of life. Women are breaking these norms only because they are meant t be broken, to get that equality of status between the two sexes.

Many differences are rooted in biology reinforced through culture, so its important to acknowledge that. Because if you say men and women are the same and if male behavior is the norm and women are always expected to act like men, we will never be as good as at being men as men are.- Dee Dee Myers

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