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Hearing this once is understandable. Hearing this twice is also fine. But hearing the same old thing again and again gets on your nerves, does it not? Believe me or not, I have heard this a million times, maybe not from the same person, but I have and it is not that entertaining! After a point you would feel like shouting out, “So what? Go and get a life!” Yes, a productive life is what a recently broken up girl needs, and that is exactly what I am going to help you with right now.

No you don't, you definitely don't!

No you don’t, you definitely don’t!








It is never that hard if you really want to move on with life. Yes, you might miss him. Yes, his absence might affect you. Yes, I understand you may not be able to love someone else the same way again (been there, done that!). Now what? Do you plan to sit for the rest of your life with a tub of ice-cream, thinking about how miserable your life is without him? Are you just going to lock yourself in your room and swear never to see anyone? Will you just stop taking care of your looks and look like a psychopath all the time? Will you choose to cry over and over again for something which is out of your hands now? You would waste your precious time on completely nothing? How blind are you?

Okay, so first, you need to accept a few facts. First, what is not meant to be, will not be, no matter how much you shed your tears. Second, we do not live in that generation anymore where people meant almost all the things they said. So if you find pretense or someone’s failure to stick to their promises, then do not feel surprised. Third, if it would have been worth it, it would have stuck on no matter what. The very fact that it did not, proves its worth. Fourth, if you do not receive what you want, then something definitely better is in store. Accept what you have just read and things will be easier for you to face. Now, try focusing on things which you should do. Also keep in mind, change is sometimes a good therapy.

Learn how to keep your emotions under control.

Learn how to keep your emotions under control.









DO NOT EVEN THINK OF KEEPING CONTACTS WITH YOUR EX. Accept it. Trying to get over your Ex, while still in touch with him, never works for majority of people. You tend to get sentimental and relive the past, making you all the more vulnerable than you already are. Delete him from your contact list. If necessary then block him! Who cares anyway? When he is out of sight, then he will be out of your mind.

GET A HAIR CUT. Believe me, a new look always works! It manages to make you feel so good and refreshing; you have no idea till you try this out. You cannot change your environment, can you? So bring some noticeable changes in yourself. The compliments you receive after that has a very positive effect on your mental state.

START DOING THINGS WHICH YOU DID NOT DO WHILE IN A RELATIONSHIP. Loved interacting with people but could not because of your insecure boyfriend? Well, it is never too late to start again! Talk with random people, communicate, arrange meetings, hangout and socialize. Make a new circle of friends! Sitting alone being scared of getting hurt again is of no good. The more you communicate with people, the more you will realize how better people can be!

SET YOUR GOALS AND START WORKING FOR THEM. Make yourself worthy and deserving for all the good things you want. Start studying. Aim for good marks, and aim high. Start looking for jobs best suitable for you. Engaged in any art form? Practice it and make yourself better. Indulge yourself into things which will take out the best in you. That is how you will realize that you deserve better, much better than what you already had.

DO NOT FEEL AWKWARD ABOUT GETTING ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE ELSE. He was that chapter of your life which is now closed. Do not let your past interfere with your present. There is nothing wrong in growing feelings for someone else and starting fresh. If that makes you happy then do not stop yourself. Go for it. Let not other people’s opinions affect your dealings with life. Keeping yourself away from what you want just because other people would think ill of you makes no sense. It’s your life. Others did not shed those tears which you have. Others were not made feel miserable. You were. You can do whatever you want to do with your life!

It is completely fine to get attracted to someone else.

It is completely fine to get attracted to someone else.










People come and go. Everybody, before leaving teaches you a lesson. Break-ups and hook-ups are just a very normal procedure in life. Some relationships work, and some just do not. Get up, shake all your sadness away, smile and do what you were going to do anyway. Start fresh. Look forward to a brighter future. Make your standards high, because you, my lady, are very sexy!

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