Broken dreams

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The story of a simple girl from a not so well to do family, in one of the many the towns our country. Geeta had just turned 16 this year, no one except her mother remembered as usual. Somehow her mother managed to save some money and get her new colorful bangles. She was okay with this; sixteen years of being neglected by everyone in the house had made her used to the situation. She was never given what she wanted as opposed to her brother who was treated as a king. Despite being an excellent student and being praised by all her teachers he had to drop out of school because her brother required tuitions. He was given all the liberty and love she wanted and rather deserved. She was made to do all his work stating that he needed time to study. Initially she argued and cried and fought for herself but it always ended in getting locked in the cellar after being beaten up by her father. So now she even stopped questioning and accepted this as her faith. Also she wasn’t the only one going through this, all of her friends were going through the same thing. This helped her in accepting her situation and also made her think that probably that is how the world runs and that she being a girl was inherently inferior to men and was to obey them. There was no way she or her friends could know that all of this was wrong and should not be accepted.


But this time something was different, her 16th birthday was not like any of the other 15, which her father regretted. But today he not only remembered but also brought her a gift. How happy she was, full of joy! She wore her new salwaar kameez and showed it to everyone, posed in front of the mirror and even took permission and went out to show to her friends. And her father gladly agreed to let her go. She thought finally things might change for the better now.

She had the best day of her existence. But was unaware of what was in store for her. She did not know what was coming for her. Happy in her own world, she did not know that she was soon going to be tied to another pole in some other house. She was very soon going to be married off to some strangers she had never met. They were coming to see her the very next day and if everything went fine she would be married within the next two months itself. And that was the reason for the gifts she was given.

That evening her father told her to get up early in the morning, get ready and to wear the presents she has been given and she was also to wear her mother’s most precious necklace, which her mother wore very rarely. She was puzzled by all of this, not understanding a word but still quietly agreeing. Later that night her mother woke her up, took her to the roof and explained her everything properly. The next day some zamindar was coming in the morning to see her for marriage and if he agreed she would be very lucky as he was very rich. And so Geeta was expected to look proper and behave properly. Geeta was aghast on hearing this. She was only sixteen and she was going to be married off without even her consent. And she did not even get to choose who she would spend the rest of her life with. All of this was going into her mind; she looked at her mother and burst into tears. Her mother having gone through the same thing understood the situation and did not even try to console her but let her cry.


Coming to terms with the situation Geeta started looking forward to what kind of a person this zamindar would turn out to be. She dressed properly and was looking very beautiful. When she was taken to the zamindar, he was spellbound with her beauty and instantly said yes. But Geeta on the other side was devastated. He was nowhere close to what she had thought. He was illiterate and was twice her age; he was thirty two years old and this was his second marriage. And as said before she was married off in 22 days.

Her situation after getting married became worse. He had lied to her family, this was his second marriage but her first wife was very much alive and was living in the same house. She was about twenty eight years old and had a look of relief on her face on seeing Geeta. The zamindar did not treat Geeta as a wife; he treated her like a sex toy he had bought. He would call her into his room every night and satisfy himself and her throw her away like a used piece of tissue. This was what she was reduced to.  She did not tell anyone, knowing that it won’t be of any use. She just hoped that no one would ever have to go through what she has to.


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