To the brother, with love

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to part with a loved one. Be it family or friends, or someone special in any sense, someone whom you have known for years, or someone whom you know just for a few moments, you always feel that sinking feeling inside. You realize that the entire while you have been with them, you did not really understand how much they meant to you, or how important they had become to you. After they move away, the starting few days is either fine, or a disaster – any of the two. But one thing which is for sure is that, it is never easy.

Well, I have a big brother. Now when I say big, I mean he is as old as being seven years elder to me! So naturally when you have such huge an age difference, you do not really become best of friends, do you? In my case, definitely not. When I pictured him in my head, the only thing I could figure out was a protector, a guide, a teacher, and someone whom I was really scared of! See, we had parents going out for work every day, busy with their respective positions, well, not so busy as to not give us time, but that meant my brother and I spent a great deal of time together.

He was the only reason why I never had the courage to bunk any of my tuitions and have fun with friends somewhere else. I knew he would know, or get to know, be it from an external source or from by instinct, but he would. I used to be that scared of him! Keeping these entire things aside, I was dumb enough to actually date someone in his presence! Well, it would not be a surprise for me if I got to know who informed my parents about it!

He is the kind of person who would excel in everything he does. He was brilliant in academics, sports, music, dance, theatre, quiz and what not. Name it and you have it. He would make us proud in whatever he did. He was like my inspiration and also my mentor. I always wanted to be like him. But I was the lazy one in the family. Since I always got things the easy way, I never felt the need to work for anything. I was pampered by everyone. Being the youngest in the family has its own advantages, you see!

After sixteen years of being completely addicted to my elder brother, it was time for him to say goodbye and step into a new phase of his life – Grad school. That’s the name for colleges in abroad. I was all okay till the time I came back from the airport. Once I entered his room and saw his cupboards majorly empty, that is when I broke down in tears. But that did not last for long. I was fine the next few couple of months. Technology had made communication easier. We survived on phone calls and video chats. But somehow everything was not the same.

The house is never the same without him. As the years pass, somehow it gets difficult for me as I begin to miss him all the more. He comes back once in a while, in a gap of about two years. And once he comes back, I forget about everything that is going on and just spend maximum time with him. I miss being loved and pampered by him, scolded by him and then cuddled by him. I miss how every time after I got a scolding from my parents, he used to come to my room and just laugh at me! At those points I felt like hitting him on the head. But now it feels like I can do anything to get those moments back. Distance surely does make you understand one’s worth and importance and to what extent that person means to you. I can guarantee that I have never loved as dearly as I have loved my brother. It’s much more than the times when he got me irritated, much, much more! images

In these few years there is one very important lesson which I have learnt. People come, and people go. Keep the worthy ones close to your heart. Express your feelings and show your love. Do anything and everything you can do for them. You never know whether they will be near you in the future. There is nothing which can make you happier than seeing your loved one’s happy. Seeing them smile is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. They will irritate you, get you angry, hurt you and give you a hard time. But they have the right. They are worth it. After all, they are family. They have seen your darker sides and have loved you instead. They have been there when friendships have died and loves in relationships have faded. They have pulled you out of trouble and protected you. They have cared for you like no one else and there is nothing you can ever do to repay them back, and you know it.

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