On the Burkha

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Have you seen that girl in college who has covered her head? Yes! What’s going on in your brains? Sad life she has, she must be coming from an orthodox family?
Here I share my views regarding that ‘veil’.
O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, as well as all believing women, that they should draw over themselves some of their outer garments [when in public]: this will be more conducive to their being recognised as decent women and not molested.”Quran 33:59
From centuries, the importance of the burkha has been emphasized in the Muslim community but to get a little more understanding on the topic, there are various types of burkha worn differently across the globe.
1. In the gulf it is known as abaya: A type of outer garment from the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East which covers from the head to the feet.
2. Hijab: it is where a woman wearing a head scarf, a veil or a loose outer garment.
3. Tudung: it is a headscarf worm by women commonly in Indonesia and Asia.
4. .RIda: a type of Hijab which is found in various colours and design commonly worn by people of the Bohra community.

There has been many debates, arguments and laws that have been going on from past a while on the wearing of the burkha or niqaab, the French and Belgian have already banned the covering of the body- more specifically the wearing of the burkha.

Being a supporter of the feminist ideology, the right to decide on whether to wear the veil or not is something that should be decided by the state. In that case nobody does have the right to judge if the women should be covered or not, it is a complete choice that should be made by the women itself, it’s a her body not a public property to be discussed!!

There is a small story which I would like to share which was a forwarded message on whatsapp.

Non-Muslim: why do you make your women to cover their body

The Muslim priest showed him 2 wrapped chocolates, he unwraps one and throws both of them in the sand)

Priest: which chocolate would you now choose?

Non-Muslim: obviously the wrapped one cause the other one has got dirty!

Priest: My son! This is how we treat our women! She is not a piece of meat for the other men! She is to be respected and she has to have a self-respect of her own! Her body is revealed only to that man who treats her with dignity and is made for her, and nobody else can glance a stare or look at her with evil ambitions.

When I joined college I made good friends with a girl who had come from Saudi Arabia and is a Brahmin, and as you all know the compulsion to wear an abaya there is pretty strict, now as years have passed I have always known her telling me how she misses wearing her abaya, that was something which would bring self-confidence in her “it would make me so care-free as I would not have to keep checking if guys are following me or at least I wouldn’t look like a girl who is “’available”.

A girl should never be forced to wear a veil, it should be her wish if she wants to or not.
It is a shame that so many of the men who have coaxed, or pressured, or demanded that their womenfolk to wear the burqa, or that their toddler daughters wear a hijab prematurely, they are most probably unable to read the Koran in its original Arabic other than by rote and are dependent on the interpretations incorrectly preached to them.

Many women also say that the hijab isn’t a tool of subjugation at all, but rather a means for equality. Their reasoning for this is that in public, they aren’t judged on their appearance. They are free from unwelcome male advances and liberated from objectifying leers. Naomi Wolf, writer of “The Beauty Myth,” commented in an editorial for the Sydney Morning Herald that these women were far from sexually repressed; they just kept their sexual appeal under wraps in a way that made it more special within the bonds of marriage.
Weather to ban the burkha is off limits, but the way we judge people according to what they wear is something not correct on our path, and that little thinking has to change, people wearing the burkha doesn’t mean you are under someone else’s obligations or something.

I myself am a Muslim and those people with the judgmental eyes when they look at me when I sometimes wear my burkha to college, I would like to say just one thing I am just like you though I don’t party and do things which ‘spoils our health’ I am not someone you would think is ‘uncool’, its just that I value my self-respect more than anything else.

Targeting and penalizing women wont solve any problems, so yes! here i support the right of the Muslim women to wear the niqaab if they wish to.

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