Busting Stress For Women

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The expression ‘stress’ is used by us usually when we feel overburdened with work and we start to panic if we can cope with the pressure and responsibilities thrust upon us. Stress is a pest that can create havoc with our health, sleep pattern and our lives. Stress is a problem faced by 90% of the women in the world today. If you want to get rid of stress, here are a few quick ways to help you succeed:
#Work on what is in your control:
You don’t have any control over what your boss does, what your in-laws say or how the poor state of the economy is affecting common man. But you can control how you react, how you accomplish work, how you spend your time and money. The worst thing for stress is trying to gain control over uncontrollable things. Because when you inexorably fail, since it’s beyond your control, you only get more frustrated and feel helpless. So after you have figured out what’s stressing you out, work on the stressors that you can control, and come up with the best ways to take action. Stress is a paralyzing bug. Doing what’s within control makes you succeed and is empowering and revitalising.
#Concentrate on what you love.
It’s much easier to manage stress when the rest of your life is filled with activities and things you love. Even if your job is stress central, you can find one hobby or two that you love and are passionate about which enrich your world. If you’re not sure what you love and are passionate about experiment with a variety of activities to find something that’s significant and fulfilling.

# Breathe:
believe it or not, but that’s all you have got to do. We take short breaths when we are stressed out which results in amplified anxiety and tension. A very simple relaxation technique you can do is just breathing deeply until your ribs are inflating. Once you feel your breath is full, hold it for a few seconds. Then, exhale fully and hold. Repeat this exercise and you will feel much calmer.

#Take a kit-kat break:
The never ending office hours, pending projects and tasks increase our stress level to infinity. As a result we get frustrated and our productivity rate decreases. Such work related problems will keep coming and going but you will stand in a much better position to manage such life’s stressors if you give yourself a break and take some time out for fun and relaxation. Don’t get so entangled in the hustle bustle of a busy life that you forget to take care of your own needs. What we women forget these days is that nurturing ourselves is a necessity, not a luxury. Take a Kit-Kat break. Go for a short walk in the park, call up a friend, listen to good music, watch a movie or do whatever you like the most to take a break from your stressful life. Studies show that one performs more proficiently at work by taking short breaks in between work. Socialising with the people around you and setting aside some time for relaxation will help you take a break from your chores and recharge your momentum and reenergize.

#Be an Optimist:
Even the most serious of our life problems can be resolved by practising optimism. Stressors are nothing but how we perceive them. If you look at the stressor from a different angle and transform yourself, as irrational as it sounds, you can adjust to stressful situations and regain your control over problems. All that needs to be done is changing your expectations and fixing your attitude. Whenever stress is bumming you out, try to reflect on and remember the things you appreciate and are grateful for in your life.
#Switch to a healthier life:
Improving your physical and mental health will help you decrease stress and also boost your resistance to it. A good amount of sleep fuels both your mind and body. Feeling tired and fatigue will only increase you stress as it doesn’t let you think clearly. You must get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. If not for anything else, at least do it to look beautiful. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy and balanced diet reduces stress and relieves tension. Women need to keep a tab on their caffeine and sugar intake as it results in a crash of mood and energy. Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol must be avoided as they may seem like an easy way out from stress, but their effects are temporary and they are harmful in the long run.
#Just say NO:
This is probably the most important technique of them all to combat any kind of stress. Learn to say No when you have to. Sometimes our work issues and family commitments get too much to for us to handle. Instead of drowning yourself in a sea of work, set realistic goals and have targets that you can achieve. Every time you require help, ask for it. Asking for help does not make you a failure, it makes teaches you bonding and teamwork. Always identify your limits and constrain to them.

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