The C-Plan Of Women In The B-World

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“Behind every successful man, there is a woman “, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform “…., etc are proverbs or sayings commonly heard . Women are the fulcrums on which a family is balanced and continues to juggle between her personal and professional self. Nevertheless , it should not be hard to accept the fact that women have risen above the traditional image of a housewife and that her life only revolves around her husband , children and taking care of them and running the household . Women have proved themselves as qualified and proficient of a lot more things and reaching those heights which were beyond the society’s imagination.

Undoubtedly, women have substantiated themselves to be shinning gems in the corporate and business sector. Be it a leading entrepreneur, a market research analyst or the chief executive officer of a multinational company, there are hundreds of examples. Examples of successful, innovative, smart, enthusiastic, both young and aged women, matching shoulder to shoulder to the male counterparts in this field. The C-Plan followed by most of the women, that is “CAPABLE, CONFIDENT AND COMPETITIVE” has worked wonders in the B-World, the Business world.

Women at workplace have given their best in the past decade and continuing the same, they have shown great potential and talent that was lying underneath. They have skillfully and smoothly integrated themselves in all kinds of industries in the business world and their influence is felt everywhere – private and public firms as well as in MNCs. They are professional in their work and hence being respected and given equal or nearly same number of opportunities as the men to grow.

Statistics show 37% increase in women owned business entities on a global scale. Significantly, women have firm grounds in the IT and FMCG markets. From the past decade, representation of women in various leadership positions has improved tremendously and the influx of educated women in the corporate world is at its full speed, especially the banking and financial sectors that are been flooded with women. In India, there has been a rise of about 21% in women CEOs and MDs in the past three years when compared to the data of 2008-2009. Their capabilities has resulted in making them worthy of all the white-collar jobs which were once only in the men‘s basket.

confident and competitive women at work

But being capable wins only half the battle. Today’s global business scenario requires those who are confident with their speech, presentation, ideas and B-plans. Not too far, women have shown their indefinite confidence and won millions of hearts. Starting from Indra Nooyi, CEO and chairperson of PepsiCo is no less than a superstar and the smile of confidence that she wears on her face is the key to her success. Whether it is the Vice-Chairperson of E&Y , Beth Brooke , one of Forbes 100 most powerful women , 2013 or Melissa Gonzalez , founder and CEO of the Lionesque Group , both of them have been listed on 2014 Keynote speakers for business conferences only because of their confident speech , presence of mind and the ability to tackle questions shooted at them. This list is definitely endless. If not for the confidence portrayed by a number of women, they would have not scaled such heights.

The third and the last one – being competitive. If one is not competitive, he or she is unlikely to survive the business sector whirlpool. This requires self-confidence, courage to voice your thoughts, alertness, patience and perseverance. Undoubtedly, women have proved themselves again and again on all the attributes and achieved victory displaying healthy competitive spirit.

Tracing down the reasons for this global change, a number of factors have contributed to this phenomena. Family support , changes in lifestyle and increasing expenses, education and encouragement are the sole reasons behind motivating women to become a now inseparable part of today’s business era. The flexible company policies and accessible terms and opportunities also cannot be ignored. Even then, it’s not an easy job. Fighting all odds and climbing up the success ladder with strong competitive men around in a world of politics is commendable. Being able to keep up your dignity when thousands of women are being harassed each day at workplace is no child’s play.

One successful women CEO is a great source of inspiration to hundreds of other women telling them that they are capable too. And that very woman CEO would have been unsuccessful without the hundred other women telling her that she was capable and that she is worthy of what she is. It is the women who have carried the attitude of caring and simplicity to the workplace to enable the workplace to become a ground of mixed cultures, interpersonal relationships, health awareness and a positive warm environment. On a closing note, constant support, appreciation, respect, fair pay and appropriate opportunities need to be continued with the same spirit to help women create milestones in businesses too.


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