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The 21st century woman has no time to sit down and relax. She is always running up and down dealing with her office work along with household chores. Plenty of times a day when we feel tired and worn out and to take a break and relax we take up activities like surfing the net or watching a movie that drain our energy even more. Some women are workaholics and believe they don’t need a break and they keep ignoring their body’s call for a break. But only when our body is full of energy and mind is free from clustered thoughts, can we psych ourselves to do productive work. Discovering ways to relax is the key to a healthy life. Relaxing calms your mind and helps you release tension. Being tension free can aid you in fighting a number of diseases and stay healthy. It is a good thing to surround you with optimistic people. Negative vibes and reflections from friends and co-workers can influence your mind, and make it tuff for you to stay calm. If you women out there believe you do not have the time to relax or take a break, do not worry. Here are the best ways to help you chill down, refresh and recharge. Some of these will just take just a little bit of your time:

# Get Proper Sleep and try power naps:
A “power nap” can feel like heaven on earth when you are absolutely drained of energy. But one must not forget that anything over 60 minutes will put you into deep slumber and will make you feel even more fatigue. Take 30 minute short naps to get some rest and release stress. It will definitely rejuvenate your body and mind. You will also get a break which you well deserve.
# Cool down in the lap of nature:
Step outside into the nature and give your mind and soul some serenity and tranquillity. Engross all your senses in nature as it will help you to be calm. Look around and feel everything you see, hear and smell. Nature holds a magic remedial and calming power. Put your feet up in the beauty of nature and get relief from all your problems.
#Have a Diary:
Some women like to pen down their all their contemplations and their daily happenings by writing in their diary. This helps them to calm down. Some women also like to just note down one or two things. Writing is a powerful way to express your feelings and beliefs. Whenever you feel like you have a lot of built up tension inside your mind and you just want to flush it out of your mind, pen it down in a diary. This will help you rest your mind and clear all the fuddled up things in your mind.

#Start Playing:
Playing is an amazing way to reenergize, particularly for women. Playing includes everything that is meaningless and congenial. All activities ranging from drawing to playing carom to digging up your garden to going to the park for a walk is regarded as playing and it helps you relax and take a pause from your hectic schedule. Spending all your free time watching TV or doing useless things on social networking sites will not give you a feeling of rest. Such activities make you feel even more worn out than before. Go for a walk or participate in some sports activity. The alteration of environment will help you breathe more freely and add some brightness and liveliness into your daily life.
#Devote to Meditation:
Eliminate all negative views and emotions from your mind and soul by concentrating on your breathing. Meditation gets you into paying attention on your entire being as a way of calming your mind. While meditating you make time to hush the mind. This truly makes you calmer. While we are meditating, the main objective is to keep the mind quiet and calm as this brings tranquillity and harmony to the inner self. This is the one of the best types of relaxation because we become free from all the anxieties of our life. Devote yourself to meditation for at least a few minutes a day and you will find armistice within yourself.
#Spend some alone time with yourself:
You don’t always have to be at duty and keep working like a dog. It is essential to get some alone time for yourself. If you are frustrated by constant phone calls and notifications from office, switch off your phone. When tension fills up in our system, relaxation becomes very tuff. Coddle yourself with a hot shower bath or massage. Make some appetizing meals in your kitchen. Nurturing oneself brings calm, compose, and a reminder that you are loved and cherished by somebody. Go for a bubble bath if you like. Put on some soothing music and have a nice warm bubble bath. If you are not a huge fan of music, read a good book or novel. Being able to unravel negativity and shirk negativity is a step forward towards a contented and healthy life.

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