Can I do what she can do?

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Nowadays we can see the greatest creation of “GOD” in each and every sector of the world, whether it is corporate world or whether it is paramedics and in household chores no one can beat them. They have now step their foot in space too. The misfortune with every women particularly in India is that after whole stressful day they have to get indulge in household as if it is their birth work to be done by women and it didn’t stop here only then in night they have to be energetic or lively if their spouse want to have sex with them and if denied then the unwanted arguments starts. The matter to be pondered is “How can “SHE” manage all these things?”


Stress is the part of day to day life whether it is a man or a woman. They are now habituated with stress. If it’s a corporate women or a housewife stress is the always on the list. A working woman may have higher intensity of stress as she has to deal with two opposite work area viz, Home and Office where her performance is judged differently. A working woman is stressed due to work pressure due to the happenings of home and due to friend’s tragedy etc. God has made the woman with very soft and tender heart, she always gets carried away with anyone’s tragedy or misfortune they often give up what she has achieved just because she is very good friend of that person. Majority of tension comes from the happenings of life of a close one and we should be worried but at the cost of our own happiness?? Its rightly said god can’t be there for everyone so he made “HER” to be with everyone and be the savior and if we are rescuing we have to pay something for it and at the end of the day SHE pays for it. Stress affect mentally and physically. A person which is stressed is easily recognized in a group and nowadays it’s so common among people that they even don’t bother to rectify it they just go on in their life caring out their routine. It’s very amazing that they have time to think about any damn thing in the world but they don’t have time to ponder over why they are stressed. If we talk about Indian Housewives, they are assumed to be living a very happy life but have you ever asked that “Are they really living?” an ideal Indian housewife is expected to get early make lunch boxes for their husband and children and then have to complete other work and all expect their work is finished by 2 in the afternoon and then they are free, is it really easy to be a housewife?? No its not, she has to run on the tickling of clock every time and then has to make lunch and breakfast(mind well it’s not so easy as it seems) then have to run after children to get ready and then have to help husband to find whatever it is missing and then the never ending household work. When she gets leisure time children returns from their school/college and again she has to run behind them, dinner then cleaning work and then she finally wants to rest in bed than go to sleep to get charged for the morning in between of husband have an urge to have sex she is expected to give her 100% their too (she should give!) how’s it easy? Working woman has to handle both the fields work and home and she has to look happy and calm at the same time (which is highly expected!)

With stress comes the stage of depression. Wikipedia defines depression as:-Depression is a state of low mood, and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well being. A Person in depression cannot be trusted as he can do anything he/she want even commit suicide. Many suicide attempts are the result of depression. Women are also depressed actually everyone in the world is depressed as stress and depression are directly proportional to each other. Women are stressed accepted can be depressed again accepted but she cannot show how trouble she is in this so called modern world. A Man has full right to give out his frustration but a woman doesn’t at least in my country India. She is expected to be having very calm and merry nature which is not at all possible every time. She is also human being she also gets frustrated but she cannot speak what she feels.

But woman is so powerful that she fulfills that expectation of everyone. She always gives her 100% in each and every task of her and fulfills every demand whether it is office or home or family or a friend in need she is always on her heels to help them or to rescue them or to complete her expected task. She is always dressed with the sweet soothing smile which gives relief to everyone who sees it. She is dressed with confidence because she knows she can do every damn thing as she believes in hard work and perseverance. She is the symbol of “Power, Love, Hard work, Success”. She manages everything so well and she doesn’t even let her surrounding people think that she is going through a lot. Deep within their might be a flood of pain, bewilderment, thoughts but she will conduct a presentation or a board meeting with a smile that no one can even guess what she is going through. Woman has managed to wrap the world around her so easily, since ages great women are set as an example to the world who has managed both house as well as their area of work.

So, next time when you yell at your Mom or wife or girl friend or daughter just think a bit of her what she must be suffering, and then look at their face there would be smile and a soothing face with confident eyes and the confidence that everything is easy to them. Just remember one thing whenever anything wrong takes place or you are frighten or in an unwanted situation the very first word comes out of your mouth is none else then “Mumma!, Mom!,Maa!,Mummy!” and she is none other than “WOMAN” . So love her respect her and before getting angry on her just ask yourself one question: “CAN I DO WHAT SHE CAN DO?”


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