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path to freedom


Human trafficking is the trade in humans most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or commercial sexual exploitation. It is the fast growing business in under-developed and developing countries. It is said that once we get into this business there is no way out. But where there is a will there is always a way! I am here, to share a story of a Brianna a high school girl of a small town in Washington State.

Brianna was a bubbly high school cheer leader who knew how to enjoy the life to the fullest. She wasn’t aware of human trafficking or anything related to that. As a part time job she joined the diner as a waitress to be self-dependent and to fulfill her teenage demands. There used to come a man named Richard with a woman whom he addressed as his wife and they often indulge Brianna in their conversation and she happily responded them. They used to talk about her ambitions in life about her birthday and all that casual stuff; they came to know that she will be turning 18 soon. They also asked about her dream man how he should be and knew about her wish to have a blonde athlete as a boyfriend. She was unaware as what was coming to her in disguise of that customer. Richard was actually agent of human trafficking, his job was to interact with youngsters and to know what they dream of and what they desire to be and then he lure them to the field of prostitution and strip clubs. Few weeks passed and Richard didn’t come to the diner, when he came this time he was alone. He then talked with her about his life and said her that he and his wife got divorced and he was ready to move on in his life. He then asked Brianna if she can come out with him sometime and have some fun. She sensed that it is an open invitation to sex so she said him “no” and then it was the last when she “thought” she will see Richard.


After few weeks she turned 18, and then entered the man of her dreams in the diner. Nick was the “blonde football player” who was dressed in Gucci and designer denim and an expensive watch. She noticed him at the very entry of him and then they had small chit –chat rather he flirted with her and made her feel that she was beautiful. She became captive of his good looks and his flirty talks and then he said her that he will like to buy a designer watch for her.Nick invited her to visit him in Seattle, and when she saw his Mercedes and luxurious  Victorian house, she felt this is the kind of life she wanted since very long ans now this was the dream come true for her. When her family adamantly told her she could not spend the night with him, he told her to break her ties with them and move into his spare room. He also suggested she could attend college while doing a little work on the side. He suggested her strip club, she could dance in the strip club and could earn money for the living like his earlier girlfriend.

Within an hour Nick took her to the strip club owner and fixed her there for the living. She was lured by the pay she will get, she used to get $85 in the diner and now she would get $850. She thought this the better option to live the life. What else she needed a charming boyfriend a good job and a school. She felt she is at the top of the world but she was unaware about the up comings. Nick sensed that she is capable enough and can be fooled easily so he took her to Arizona and Nevada where the market of sex trafficking is large. Brianna was not ready to consider anything negative to be happening in her future life so she readily went with him. Nick took her with the intention of disappearing her in the world of prostitution as she was cut away from her parents and friends no one to help her.

She was totally lost in her new found freedom and then she realized she should go back and return her parents car than to move ahead in life. She told Nick about her intention and arranged a trip to Seattle where she would return car to her trusted high school friend Evan. Evan sensed something wrong which was going on in her life and alerted her parents. He fixed the meeting with her parents and her at Evan’s place. Her parents met their daughter with “former congresswoman Linda Smith”. Brianna didn’t believe when her parents told that Nick was going to sell her in the world of prostitution, but then Linda Smith took the charge of explanation and took her to a café. Linda Smith was founder and president of “National anti-human trafficking organization Shared Hope”.  While talking to Smith Brianna realized that Nick lied to her and it was all set up and was bewildered by this.

Smith said this to her : “I learned that average age of a girl to be lured in sex trafficking is 13” Brianna was shocked and choked by listening to this as she remembered her time that while she was 13 she used to play soft ball and imagined that this was the best time of her life.

Brianna made decision not to go back to the diner not to come under influence of others and to will be living a happy life by taking precautions and will rescue others if found in the same situation.

It has been around three years for that terrible phase of Brianna’s life and now she helps organization in rescuing girls from this awful market. She says: “it doesn’t matter how rich or poor the girl is what’s the color of her skin, a pimp can look at any girl and find vulnerability that he can exploit. He might tell the girl that he will hurt her family and will rape her and videotaped her and will show to whole school and threaten her.

Brianna had a made 20 minutes film named “CHOSEN” featuring two girls who were selected for human trafficking                                                                                                                  Chosen

She made this film for the purpose of showing to the school assemblies’ enlightening the student as well as faculties regarding these sensitive issues.

She says “It is human rights to know how these pimp works,I don’t want kids to be scared of them I want them to fight against it and feel “empowered””.

Brianna was lucky enough to get escape from this gutter of human or sex trafficking but there are millions of girls who are still smeared in the dirt of trafficking. Some tries to come out but they are threaten by the agents, some don’t come out with the fear that now world will not accept them with the open heart. Actually it’s not their fault to think that ways it is our fickle cruel world which force them to think that way. It is us who made this business as we are the consumers, Necessity is the mother of invention and if this market is prevailing then the reason is “us” and its commendable that it is just not prevailing it is flourishing too at the speed of light.

I just want to ask you all a question: “Are only those agents and such organization responsible for human/sex trafficking or “WE” are too?”..




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