Chandler Bing – A Real Man

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I don’t think this character even requires an introduction.  I mean, he’s by far the most interesting and comical character TV series have ever been capable of producing. He’s witty and humorous and spontaneous.  He’s the guy one goes to when they want to have a good laugh or forget the stresses in life.

He’s Chanandler Bong. That’s right. That’s how he gets his mail and he’s so lazy, so not bothered by this mistaken identity that he doesn’t care to change it. In the episode with the Game quiz where they all fight to kick the duck and goose out, the girls are asked this question. When they say it is Chanandler Bong, he corrects it is in fact Miss Chanandler Bong leading to fits of laughter among the friends as well as the audience. He’s just that laidback about everything.

He’s commitment phobic. The thought of getting married to Monica in the season centred on their wedding, Chandler runs away in the last minute, annoying everyone and leading the girls to distract Monica so she doesn’t find out. When Ross searches everywhere for him and finally succeeds in finding him, he takes him back, keeping an eye on him throughout. But the best part about this and the reason why I’m emphasizing so much on this is because when he thinks Monica is pregnant, being by her side is the only thought in his mind.

He respects his wife. That is the most amazing thing about him. He knows how to treat a woman right. In what is shown as the almost perfect marriage between the two, he’s caring and understanding and that makes him the perfect husband material, be it the way he was willing to sacrifice his lifetime of savings so that Monica could have her dream wedding or the immense support when she placed her new job before him. But he understands her enough to let her have her crazy ways and stands by her side throughout it. That doesn’t mean she’s a terrible wife. She’s amazing. She was ready to let him get turned on by shark porn! Not many women are even remotely comfortable with that!

He’s sweet and charming. He may not be the perfect ‘Hunk’ but he is close to being a very great man who knows what he wants from the woman of his dreams and understands how to get it without playing cheap tricks or even cheating. Even though he has a job far away and can barely see his wife, in the episode when he’s at work on Christmas, he refuses the hot assistant who literally throws herself on him. That shows strength of character and definite husband material. After all, no matter how many flings a man and woman have, in the end, they always look for someone who is spouse-worthy and not someone ready to have an affair.

He has a well-paying, boring job. Every one of us wants a glamorous job that pays us the moon and expects us to hardly ever work. But not everyone can achieve that. While Phoebe is a masseuse, Joey is an actor, Monica is a Chef, Ross is a palaeontologist and Rachel is into Fashion, Chandler is the only one who seems to have the kind of mundane job that keeps his secure. Yet, he sticks to it because he understands his responsibilities and his need to pay the bills. That makes him responsible. It shows that he cares. That’s what any woman wants at the end of the day; someone there at home for her.

He’s oh so funny. No matter who disagrees, one has to admit that at least once in the entire show, Chandler was able to make you laugh and oh, you laughed hard. True, with media claims and his friends never understanding his humour, the entire comic sense seems to be lost but he’s charming as hell with his witty one-liners and his entertaining jokes. Though, in contrast, he’s terrible at giving advice which is highlighted in the episode where he meddles into Phoebe’s love life and convinces David into proposing to her. He’s the funny man, she gives the advice. Together, they’re perfect.
He’s bad with the ladies. This is a good thing.  For Monica. Though out the sitcom, jokes are passed around about how Chandler and Ross are lame around women. It’s because they don’t know how to flirt well. Especially Ross.  But about him, later.
Then there’s the fact that he broke up with a girl because she became fat. That must have been awkward.
He can’t pose for a photograph. I think this fact about him is very cute. He cannot, absolutely is incapable of smiling like a normal human being for a photograph. It’s not something that is possible by him and that’s very funny. His awkward pose in the episode where Monica wants a photo of them together for the paper ends with her posing with Joey instead because chandler is just that bad.
These are just a few reasons for why Chandler is awesome. The list is actually endless. So I’ll stop here for now.

Chandler Bing, man of the moment.

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