Where is the change? Where is the light of hope?

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Every day, when I go through twitter, face book, news channels, news papers there are news of rapes, rapes and rapes.  Are women born only to suffer like this? Since history women are just going through all the pains all the sufferings that are coming their way.

Today even being at this fast growing world, there is no change with respect to women’s dignity and respect. How many more innocents will have to suffer? Till when will women go through this? Every single day there are cases of rapes, and there is still no strong action taken. How vicious can this be to all those innocent souls that are suffering without any faults? Why only woman?

But the depressing part is, sometimes it not only ends on rapes but also they are killed like the most vicious way. It hardly gives anyone shock to hear a rape crime news, as it is it’s an everyday news and now everyone are used to it. But no one has the courage to stand and change it, or in fact no one wants it to change. Even the kids are not left, every girl below 18 or even the once who have not even reached their puberty are raped. How those innocent souls will live the drastic change, the vicious night mare that will never leave them throughout the life. Will they be able to forget living in this society who will only blame them, look down upon them, as if they invited the vicious men, to come and rape me.

The society blames a woman, weather it is or it is not her mistake. They look down upon a woman, who done nothing but she herself is innocent and going through a lot. Why does always a woman have to suffer? Even we are human, let us live our life peacefully, even we have a right to live with dignity and respect, don’t snatch it away, treat us equally don’t  treat with us being so vicious, give us right to live with our dreams, don’t break us from within.

The news that we read, and see are the once which get reported, it is said there will be million reports that do not get reported. What about them? Are they even alive? What all they must have gone through? Why have they not reported? And what about the laws? Why is our government not taking any strong step towards the ever increasing crimes? What are they waiting for? What about the fast track rule? When there will be a strong punishment for the criminals who destroy the lives? When will things change? Will they ever change?


All such questions remained unanswered. It was even told by some people that it is m=women faults, who get raped, they dress in such a way that men tend to do such things. Why women can’t do, say, dress they way she wants? When god made man and woman, did he discriminate between us? Did he give two hands to man and only one had to woman? No he did not. He made man and woman equally. So who are we to discriminate? Don’t forget that it is a woman who gives birth to a man. How would she be feeling, who gave birth to a vicious men who destroy the life of women and don’t respect women.

It is so depressing, to see a soul dying of pain, and not even done the justice to her soul. When will the justice done to all the innocent souls who went through so much? And then you expect us to have patience? How dreadful nights they must be going, or must have gone? How those girls who have not even reached their teens and are raped must be living? There are crimes going on under the eyes, of the country but there is still no change?

Being a girl, I now fear to step out of my house, my family fear till I am not back safely to my house.  When will women walk out of the house safely? When we will be treated with dignity and respect?

I can’t think of anything, but all these questions are only flooded in my mind, because I want an answer. In fact we all need an answer. The souls who suffered need an answer; the children who suffered need an answer. The mothers who are having daughters need an answer; the new born girl babies need an answer. But then sometimes I feel, why do we need to fear? Can’t we stand for our own safety? Can’t we all learn to fight back the dreadful situations that come our way? Why we all women don’t learn the karate, some tricks that can be used for our safety. There can be one a lot, which can save our life, and we all can stand for our own self, safety and respect. Get up from the sleep before the day arrive when  woman will again fear to born a girl child saying it is better to die, than to live in this dangerous unsafe world.

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