The Changing Role of Women In Society

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Over time, there have been several changes to the role of women in society.

Once preoccupied solely with the issues of the home and not at all of the political and business matters – except through control of a man – they have now earned a prominent role in society. But how, over our 5,000 – 6,000 years of progressive civilization, have women gone through this transition? Of the most primitive societies, we are still in major doubt. The rock carvings depict an equal society; one with indistinct roles in families. But might that be because of the majority of their crudeness? We don’t know. What we do know, is that when we could first decipher semblances of social hierarchies through the works of history, it seemed that women were definitely the lesser citizens around the world. Unfortunately, this is an almost global truth, despite several instances of the contrary. Unless the women were part of the bourgeoisie of the said civilization they were legally vulnerable to most incidents that are criminal today. Rape, murder and theft were often ignored.

Also, they were very often part of sexual imagery – as prostitutes, concubines and fabulous queens. As time progressed though, women began to master the art of being queens. In Scandinavia, for example, the Valkyrie of Valhalla were known as terrific fighters. Cleopatra ran large swathes of the Roman Empire and was paid handsomely for it by seducing Caesar. But then, they were subdued. They threatened to gain their political emancipation several times, but in waves.

However, after the events of the First World War, something changed. For the first time in history, women began to make concerted efforts all over the world to gain their emancipation as citizens of equal value. Women began to take hold of their societies and rise as fighters and politicians across the world. Factory workers. With a renewed verve of journalism, the world was awakened to the stories of brave women all over the world. A watershed happened in the 1950s, and finally, the world awakened to the fact that a woman can and should manager her own life. A lot changed, and the world breathed anew as all its traditional shackles were let go.

Today, a woman can expect to have her own home, her own job and her own things. She can live free of a man and survive as well as possible. Women are politicians – Indira Ghandi one of a few. Women were in the army as great leaders of men. Women were engineers and bosses, CEOs and chancellors. Admittedly, even in this great age in which we live, there are problems. But the problems today are much less than they once were. Today, a woman can stand and fight for her dignity without fearing death. It has been a crucial phase for our planet to learn to make the most out of its people.

Planet Earth is changing, and its because we’re now united.

Obviously this union will face many challenges.

There are people out there who will threaten to crush the mutual respect that has been extended between men and women. Rapists, and child molesters, on either side of the gender barrier. Lynne England became notorious for her involvement in the Abu Ghraib horrors of the Iraqi War. Today, it is not shocking that a woman would do such things, because we know that men and women were equal. Once upon a time it would’ve foolishly led to backlash. Many prostitutes are known to be attacked (all over the world) when a man gets HIV/AIDS from them. It is a sad truth that guilty or not, women are often victims. But we do not forget that they are also often guilty. It is people like this that present obstacles to a progressive world. In many places today, women still feel like they don’t have the full rights of a man.

People need to work together not only to make sure that women have the same legislative rights as a man, but also social rights. Women need to be equal on paper and in actions. The trials and tribulations of Malala Youfszai are well documented, and her message must not be ignored. Despite all the freedom women enjoyed by some women in some places, others in other places are still living dark times. Therefore, women in the freer societies must not ignore the role they have been given – to go to other places and show women how they can live, and help them do so.

As a privileged woman you should always be fighting for the rights of other women everywhere, because in some societies, women don’t get their own rights but if you abuse yours and don’t offer them theirs, then what’s the point of you being a woman? It might sound sexist, but the truth is women are at a disadvantage today, and the only way they can combat that disadvantage is by being united. Most bigots are able to abuse women because they have the twisted idea that runs along of the lines of, “If all women everywhere bow to me, why do you think you shouldn’t?”

People like this need to see unity, and only you can do it for yourselves.



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