Chase your Dreams, No Matter What it takes…

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She was one of those people walking on the side walks of the city bustling with life, carrying a steaming coffee cup in one hand and balancing her files and the laptop in the other. Dressed to absolute perfection with that black skirt reaching just above her knees paired with a maroon shirt, its sleeves folded in neat pleats and a black waist coat giving the outfit a formal aroma, not to forget the three inch high heels that help her support her spine. she enters the office pushing her way through the crowd in the lobby and walks into the elevator as she gulps the last sip of coffee from the cup, because there read a sign in the elevator that stated no food and drinks allowed in. she gave a sorry and grateful smile to the person in charge of the elevator who just nodded in return, he knew that was just her normal self. Fixing her coat and checking for any loose ends that need to be tucked behind her ears, she steps out of the elevator and sends a morning greeting to the old lady Miranda sitting at the reception desk. Entering her cabin she walks straight to her table and deposits the files on them and then she checks her To Do as she calls her assistant with the list of presentations and meetings lined up for the day. Sending conformation mails, calling the right people to make arrangements and going through the highlights of the files so she gets her facts and figures straight is what consumes her early hours in the office.

Just before her first presentation of the day she is standing near the glass wall of her cabin that gives her an overview of the city life out there on the streets, the cabs, the pedestrians and the school bus that passes by. She finishes her ham and cheese sandwich as fast as she can, preparing herself for three back to back presentations. When she walks into the conference room she enthrals the people in the room with the conviction in her words and her skills. She knows she is the best in what she does because she loves her job. She never fails to show the world what she is capable of doing. Nothing holds her back from doing what she wants because she is ready to pay for the consequences that come along. She walks home alone every night from work, there is no one when she cooks her meal or heats the leftovers of last night for dinner. It is too late then to Skype her parents and too early for sleep to consume her night.

When she checks her mails she finds one under the name of Rohan, which says I need to talk to you, please pick up my calls and I am sorry. She laughs at the last one, sorry yeah right! She is thankful to Rohan for what he did three years back. Her best friend her knight in the shinning armour, the love birds they were, waiting to spend their life together. Their family celebrated the day she accepted Rohan’s proposal for marriage. She left her masters and the job that could take her miles just to help Rohan in carving out their future together. She was tied in promises, relationships and responsibilities that came with being someone’s fiancé. From the clothes she wore to the words that came out of her mouth everything was being judged and corrected, nothing that she asked for. She was a free bird who was suddenly chained down, she hated it, it was suffocating but she did not want to give up that easy because it was for him she thought. She could not take it any longer when Rohan postponed their wedding just because he got accepted to the University of his Dreams. She lost it then, she did not give her masters and quit her job for him and now she is asked to wait again and re-arrange her life for him. When she talked about it to their family they dismissed her saying girls have to compromise if she wants a family.

She wanted a family but not at the cost of her dreams, she did not want to confine her life to a pond when there was an ocean to explore, she did not want the same for her kids or for her to be chained down throughout her life so she did what her heart told her to, she broke the chains and took her flight to freedom. She is happy, she is free and more importantly she is herself. Don’t let those whisper’s of your heart ever go unheard. you may get a chance once, twice but not every time. Make sure you grab it while it lasts. Don’t live in regret for one did not let you do what you wanted to, if you know you are right speak up and act. she took the chance and now she sleeps in content, for she knows she did not let anyone ruin things for her or rule her life, because it is never late to chase your dreams.



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