Chauvinistic Indian Stereotypes

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Every other country in the world has its own set of traditions and customs that is unique to that region. Even so, a few countries’ set of such rules might be more popular than that of the others owing to their particular peculiarity or diversity. India is one such country that is widely identified by the citizens of the globe, for its outstanding nature of being unique, and also for having major influence over all the great civilizations of the world, because of which traces of the Indian culture thrives everywhere on Earth.

Each culture has its exclusively irreplaceable bunch of rules that give birth to predicaments, inconveniences and unsettling factors. If a judgmental person is exposed to a multitude of cultures with a narrow mind in tow, that person would only take in a jumble of half-absorbed points, thus begin to condemn those things that he would not like. If people of such a mindset are more, then there will be a rather wide path paved to give way to the upsurge of a mentally restricted populace.

However, there are some set of established rules in all traditions that are not agreeable in any given situation, and are like an unshakable migraine. All over the world is where one would find people agreeing so.

Here are a few stereotypes observed all across India, accepted to be reasonably disgusting by most, yet continue to take place on a steady pace without ceasing. It almost gives out a feeling that the stereotypes possess lives of their own, and are discreetly protesting their removal from society, and from the world.

1.     All women should vote for the ladle!

Since ancient history perhaps, women have been deemed fit to only work in the kitchen to cook and feed the men. Just as how all things find change over time, this concept, too, has been slowly outdated. Sadly so, this applies only to some westernized countries with men also putting a personal vote forward that they’d cook and so stick to it.

The scene has however always been constant in India; though women come up in life, and revolutionize society by working in various fields there are numerous people who vigorously nod at their success, and praise them. It is a shame that the same people come home and then shake their heads in disapproval, grumbling how it is stupid for those women to work with not minding the kitchen, and their man’s appetite.

2.     Accept what the man says, never mind your opinions.

This, too, is a prevailing habit since time everlasting. With the concept of monarchy having been born, there began a rule for the little household to abide by, pronouncing that the husband is the sole king of his little circle, of his little family.

With him ‘meant’ to rule his roost, the man was free to command his household, and it was an unspoken directive for them to absolutely obey it no matter what. The ones badly hit by this dictum were the women—shrouded by their husband’s opinions, they never had a chance to voice out what they thought to be right, let alone having it implemented a little. Whether she dislikes her husband’s edict or not, it does not matter for she has no choice but to follow it.

Though matriarchy is somehow claimed to be widespread, it is the widely followed practice of patriarchy that all seem to want to accept. It is unfair and disadvantageous to women, and is time that the tables took a turn.

3.     Education is universal, but oh no not for women.

With the keeping of the house, cooking food, and taking care of the menial chores having been heaped upon the womenfolk, it was thought to be just fit enough to bar them from  education—of course this applies to countries in Asia at most, and specifically India and her neighboring countries and maybe elsewhere, too.

Yes, there are social movements going viral everywhere in favor of women’s empowerment and education. But how can a juicy apple be expected as the end product when the core root itself is severely infected with worms.

The oh so many plans and actions taken by the government, and the many more volunteer-based organizations trying to struggle to have more women education is a fine spectacle to be hold, but are useless without the general public not taking interest in, and simply dissing it just because it works toward women learning things.

What is unacceptable is that the populace does not identify with the fact that education gives them an identity, that it helps them to lead a good life and support their children if at all they are thrown out into the sea called this mean world, and left to fend for themselves.

There are many more things to cite and exemplify when talking about the chauvinistic stereotypes, but what is mentioned here are those that might as well claim the top three slots in that classification, that vex many. For those that support these stereotypes to realize their mistakes and set themselves right. After all, what is blind will remain forever blind unless a major corrective surgery is performed, and that surgery is not without severe strife and even dissent perhaps.


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