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Every man and woman irrespective of their current age were used to think about the tactics and the naughty things they had made during their child hood times… every one including me wished to go back to my child hood times to enjoy and play with my friends happily without any work load or learning works. We envy that stress free life where we long to play and enjoy those funny things with pal

But things have changed a lot. The independent life style for the children is no more the same as we all have enjoyed to the core. I feel that the children of this generation are unlucky as they are not enjoying their childhood. One of the reasons might be the introduction of advanced video games which locks them in a confined place and makes them to be ignorant towards outdoor and many indoor games. But within the past few years some other reasons are stopping their childhood happiness. It is the child abuse… it might be just two words but it means a lot and shows how arrogant male generation have grew and shows how cheap they can act towards the sacred female society.


We have all heard that only woman of teen age and above face many problems such as sexual harassment, rape, eve teasing etc. but we were unaware that the ill – natured people will go to any extreme to succeed their desire towards woman by using them and considering them only meant for that. But as days pass by, they became cheaper by desiring even small girl children and using them without their knowledge. It is very pity that the young girls of age not more than 8 are being raped without even knowing exactly what it means.

For the past few years child abuse rate has been going on increasing and there are many such cases in our country also. In the beginning people or the parents were unaware of such situations and arrogant gits carried out their work silently. Most of the times it went unnoticed as the girls affected by it were not quite clear of it as they were of very young age. On the other hand if at all it came into their parents notice, there was no such law against child abuse at that period. Or we can also say that the effects were not widespread and laws were not that much effective.

Many children were affected especially children below the poverty line and orphans who do not have strong supporters to protect them. Few days back I came across a news that girl children who were orphan had joined in a school where these people were nurtured. But the pitiful thing is.. nearly 10 girls had been raped by a  guy which they had kept it unknown. The main reason for not taking  any immediate action was that the children were orphan and that guy has some close contact with school officials. But somehow the issue came into light and he was severely punished. This is the main reason why parents fear to send their children alone even to short distances. Everything has been changed. Nowadays it is very difficult to believe anyone other than very few close ones.

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This is really a serious issue going on in all parts of the world. We are really thankful that we had escaped during our childhood. But on the other hand we have to guide our next generation to have a very peaceful and fun filled time during their childhood rather than fearing for those beastly natured people. Sorry I cannot even address them as people. They are less than the most ill -natured animal and they are less than a mere ant. We must stand as the pillars of protection for them no matter whether they are our relative or some unknown girl. But it is same to all and by protecting them means protecting their best part of life and helping them to know about what is good and what is bad.

Other than this, parents must play a vital role in their children’s life by molding them and teaching them right values and manners. But the most important thing is parents should also be as their best friends. This fact has been told by many because.. we usually feel free to share everything and anything mainly to our best friends. So mom and dad must be their best friends so that it will make them to share each and everything happened in their college or school to their parents. By this way parents can be able to know what all had happened in their children’s school and can guide them to take right decisions at the right time. Parents especially mothers should teach their girl children regarding good touch and bad touch so that the kids can identify and be careful. I can understand that nowadays many of them are working and are bound with busy schedule but they have to spend some quality time with their children which will have great and good impacts in their lives.

Parents should act as the protective shield from arrogant beasts so that the young children will enjoy their happy childhood days well….






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