Child ill treatment

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Naumi was with her parents in a railway station, waiting for the train to come. They were all set to leave to her aunt’s house. The announcement had come and the train was scheduled to reach 15 minutes late. Naumi started crying out of hunger, and so her dad took her to the nearest shop and got her a maaza. She drank with a smile and was running around as her parents were seated in the bench, eagerly waiting for the train to reach the station. Naumi was under her parent’s sight and everything happened within a second. Naumi has disappeared and was not around anywhere. Her parents thought that she would have gone somewhere near and stayed on the bench. It was already more than five minutes and Naumi has not come back. Her dad got up from the bench and started to search for Naumi, but was not found anywhere. Naumi’s mom also joined him and they both went around the whole station to find Naumi no-where. They went to the station and registered a complaint. The police warned them that some group has been roaming around to take children away and use them for some other works. They were totally out of mood and did not want to hear anything. Naumi’s dad ran around the station but was not able to see her. The train had reached the station and in five minutes it left to its destination. They were not able to leave in the train due to the absence of Naumi.

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She was taken by a tall man, who was in the kidnapping group. He was waiting for Naumi to move a little away from her parents. He took her to a place behind the railway station and warned her not to shout and if she shouts, he would hit her parents. Naumi was moaning and she did not have the freedom to cry even. She was taken to some place in an omni van. The plan of the kidnappers was to use this girl for begging and get some money out of it. They had many children under their custody and each child had each defect. They would hurt the child and destroy any of their part. They many take their eyes off, or may cut their hands or may rape them and would make the girl child to begging with her small child. Naumi was kidnapped by that group. She was taken to a room and was made to sit in the room, a man entered into the room and asked her to stop crying and when she didn’t, he told that her parents asked them to take her here and they were playing a game with her. He also told that her parents would reach here any minute. Naumi started smiling now and she started running around the room with joy. The man asked her to take bath and told her that her parents were planning for a dinner today evening and so they wanted her to be fresh. They gave her a new dress and told her that her parents gave her. She went into the bathroom and took bath and then came out. As soon as she came out, she was shocked to see that man standing in from of her with only an innerwear covering his body. He pounced on her and then threw her onto the bed; she started crying as she could do only that. She did not know what was happening to her. Yes, how will a ten year old know about sex and rape, all she knows is play, smile, go to school, home work, fighting joyfully with her parents.

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He was all over her now and she was getting raped by the animal. She did not know what was happening to her, she did not know the result of being raped, she did not why he was doing this or she was not able to even stop him from doing that. She was crying out of pain and during the rape she was hit by him and was asked not to shout at all. She kept quiet and bared the pain. She was brutally raped. After the rape she was taken to a home and was given into the hands of a lady, who would always beat her, scold her, and ill treat. Naumi has become pregnant and she was kept there for the next 12 months. She gave birth to a baby and that was also a girl baby.


She had to be in that house all alone, and was not even left to see the sunlight. She was strictly observed by the lady and after 12 months, when the small baby was fine to see the world, she was given into the hands of the man who raped her. He took her to Mumbai and gave her into the hand of another man. She had a small child in her hand and she did not even know to look after that baby as she herself was a small girl. She was sent into begging by the second man and every day she has to give him the money she has earned out of begging. She had to use the small child for begging. Time passed, the small baby was starving for food. After two weeks the baby died because it was not fed for three days. Naumi herself was very tired and was ill treated by the man. She did not have a way out of this world. She was not able to see her parents at all neither were they able to find Naumi. She is now 19 and is in the hands of the same man.

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Thousands of children are suffering like Naumi and all are taken away from the parents, the same way Naumi was taken. If strict actions are not taken against the people who ill treat children, they would continue to do the same thing, and separate children from parents who love their child like life. All these people should be hanged to death or treat the same way they had treated those children and any punishment less that that will not make them realize the pain they have given to those children and their parents. Don’t ever thing that bodies who have control to take action should only take action on those people, even WE common people can make a change to the lives of those children. Even we can save many children from the hand of many devils.

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