Child Marriage-The Worst Shot On Children

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Child marriage is found in many countries all over the world, however this type of marriages are found in India, where about one third of the children are brides. According to the census of UNICEF, about 47% of the girls are married within 18 years of age and about 18% of the girls are married within the 15 year limit. The child marriage is prohibited in all countries because of the maturity cause and the age of eighteen is considered as the age of adulthood. Child marriage is not allowed because they say that girls below adolescents and above that but within the age of eighteen do not have the maturity to take their own decisions, which can lead to discrimination and physical and mental stress, which can lead to lasting emotions.

Child marriage can also be the cause of child labor, because when the girl is married, she has to take up the responsibilities of the family at the young age, and when she gives birth to her children, they will also have to work for the family. Child marriage not only leads to child labor, but also it can take away her educational opportunities and will affect her earning prospect and raises poverty in her family which is basically the community. Once when the community is affected, basically the nation is also affected , which will affect the progress of the nation, in becoming a developed nation.

These types of marriages are performed without the girl knowing her involvement. The caste has also helped child marriage in growing bigger. Child marriage was considered to take the caste a long way because if the girl or boys grows up, then he or she will or can marry anyone other than her caste, which was not accepted by the older people, so if the child is married at the young age then there won’t be any conflict in the caste and the older people made it sure that the caste system continued. The other reason for Child marriage was to protect the girls from rapes and from foreign rulers of ancient times. And to strengthen the family relation and they made sure the elder people of the family saw their grand children before they left this world. While in some backward families, parents would give their girl children to men who are about 10-12 years elder than them.

Child marriage will take away the rights of the girls. In spite of their childhood, they become mothers and wives, who don’t have the maturity to even take care of them self’s. This type of marriage would have affect on the girl’s life mentally and physically, because they wouldn’t have been ready for sex or for a child, but they will become victims for this violence and have to give birth at such young ages. Many of these girls give birth to premature babies who will find it very difficult to survive in our environment because of health, and this may cause fatal for the mother as well as the child.

Every year, many children are married even without knowing about the consequences they are going to face after that hurdle. There is always a legal doubt between marriage which is done out of compulsion and the arranged marriage about the number of children which is going to come out of these families. Whatever it is, child marriage will take away the moral rights of the children, because the girl child is just considered for the pleasure of the husband and a mere doll by his family. These girls cannot go according to their own will, she will have to go behind her husband and her husband’s family till she reaches 23-24, and by the time she reaches she will have all the responsibilities of taking care of her 3-4 children and her family, and so she won’t be go according to her own decisions. Hence because of child marriage, many Indian girls will not be able to participate in economic, social and politics which hinders the development of their community and the country. How will a country prosper if some amount of young women, without allowed to come out of come out of the four ways made of bricks into the wide world, while the only thing that the family wants from her is making the family happy and taking care of them? Even the people in prison will have the rights to do as they please in side prison, when compared to these girls who are pushed into this trap called as child marriage.

The only way to stop child marriage is to bring in a law which will imprison all the parents who support or carry these acts, as this has to be done by us, by the people and the government. We have lot of law’s which is needed and which is not needed, in that a law which will save young girls should from being brutally hurt and will help them come up a long way in this society, is not a crime. We people also should not take the necessary movement’s, it’s not about only talking about child marriage and saying that it should be totally flushed away, whenever we see child marriage, we should take the initiative to file a police complaint against both the families, and the government also should punish the parents of the young child. It’s not that only rape will hurt girls mentally and physically, child marriage will also hurt them the same way. By this way we can pave way to those small hearts who has to seek education and help in improving the nation, and its development by working actively in all the areas and showing their power’s.


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