Child Prostitution: Stealing their Childhood

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The term child prostitution means the prostitution which involves children, or a person below 18 years of age. In some jurisdiction child prostitution of or by a person under 18 is illegal, while in some jurisdiction child prostitution and prostitution is prohibited. Child prostitution is done by kidnapping or dumping the child into sex trade or survival sex, where the child is forced into sexual activities for her food and shelter. Some people travel to foreign countries to engage in child sex tourism. A recent research has shown that there are 10 million children involved in the prostitution worldwide. Child prostitution exist more in South America and Asia, while it is present in every country. The USA has declared that child prostitution is illegal under international law and various campaign have been carried out in order to protest against it.


The real definition of child prostitution is “offering sexual services to a person for money or any other consideration with that person or any other person”. There law which that prohibits is “The convention of Rights of the Child’s Optional Protocol on the Child Prostitution, sale of children and child pornography” which states that “any service offering by children or inducing a child in performing sexual activities”.

The causes are the children are forced by the agents and the social structures into those situations where the adults take advantage of their vulnerability and abuse them. These agency force the child into commercial sex by prior sexual abuse and this takes place in the child’s house. Many child prostitutes are from Asia and their clients are from the western part of the word. Child prostitution is found more in environments such as bars, clubs, brothels, homes and in particular areas (socially run down areas). A study has shown that only 10% of the children have a pimp while 45% of them have joined through friends. The international Child Labor Study Office writes the cases as these victims are runaways from home while some are send by their parents for money or sold or tricked by their parents into prostitution, while some are from streets. In these some are professionals while some are armatures. It is not only with girls, there are lots of small boys involved in prostitution. These children have a lot of risk in their lives and are killed if they don’t listen to the head.

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The primary form of child prostitution is the survival sex, which is defined as when a child is engaged in sexual activity to obtain shelter, money, clothing or any other need to survive. The child under this category is not controlled by pimps or other trafficking. Anyone who pays for child sex can be prosecuted. Poverty is the main factor that is driving child prostitution forward. These girls do not know what they are into and they just carry on this work for money.  Prostitution of children is carried on in developed countries and in under developed countries. The maximum have been in Asia, where teen girls work in brothels for their families. In Sri Lanka, families support male prostitutes rather than their daughters, as the society seeks purity of female than males. While in North America, a child gets into prostitution from domestic violence, economic consideration, family disintegration, abuse and drug addiction. Prostituted children are forced to work in improper environment without proper hygiene and are raped and beaten by some clients. The child does not know what childhood is and it loses all the happiness and health, she is abused every time she goes for work. Some of hard facts are that children in Nepal are rented out 35 times a night for just one or two dollars per person. These children are locked up, starved, beaten and kept as a slave.



This causes a lot of effects on children. These children are affected physically and mentally, the practice leads to internal injuries such as vaginal tearing, infection, pregnancy and physical after-effects of the torture and pain. These children are in great risk of getting HIV from the clients and many have been already affected by HIV. They are open to other sexually transmitted disease such as the Herpes and Syphilis and tuberculosis. These children often deal with psychological trauma, stress and depression. They also get into emotions such as anger, sexual and personality confusion, insomnia, loss of confidence and inability to trust adults. They be drugged in their earlier stages and they too have side such as dental problems, liver and kidney problems, hepatitis B and C.

There are lots of laws to prohibit child prostitution, such as the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the child which protects the children from abuse and sexual exploitation. This law covers around 193 countries, and is actively working. The consequences are different in different countries. In china, all types of prostitution are illegal and having sex with anyone below 14 years is more serious than raping a woman. While in USA it is 20 to 25 years of imprisonment. The prostitution of children is seen in every country, but it is more in North America and Asia. The number is increasing in every report and the exact statistic is difficult to obtain. The estimation is around 10 million.


Child prostitution is a serious matter that is increasing in every country. People are not worried about the child’s future or her happiness, they want their own pleasure. They are ready to pay how much ever they want and so the child does not have a second thought but to get the money and make those people happy. Child prostitution is not fair at all, when a child has to go to school and learn new things, she is put in a lock up and is ordered to work in a sexual manner. This will not only spoil her future, but also her name in the society is taken away and she won’t be able to face the world. Child prostitution is a crime and we should not support that, we should stop child prostitution by actively working with the government.

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