A Child with two names! Nikhil Bipin is following his pursuit of happiness. How about you?

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As I walked across my hostel, I saw this little kid selling corn cobs. I peeked at him and sauntered away. When I reached my hostel, my friends told me – Did you see that new boy selling corns across our street? I told them yes but then again, what is so exceptional about it? We so often witness so many child labors working day and night to fill their stomach. They ignored me and started watching television. Innumerable thoughts perturbed my conscience. What led him into this business? Is he willingly doing this chore or has he been enforced by his family? My questions were unanswered. At that very moment I decided to talk to this boy and pen down his story.


Next day, I went to him but to my astonishment saw a much older man doing the regular chore. I decided to visit him the subsequent day. Next day I saw this young kid preparing corn cob for everyone. After waiting for few minutes when there were no more customers I rushed to him. He asked excitedly – “Didi which one do you want?” Seeing the gleam in his eyes and that sparkle of confidence I chose to find out about his upbringing and education. “What is your name?” He answered, “Didi my name is Nikhil Bipin”. Anxious by two names for one person I questioned him how come he had two names? He shied and reverted one name was given by his father and one by his mother. Later his younger brother Himanshu joined him. He was much younger than him and nervous. Nikhil Bipin familiarized me to his brother and said he assisted him all through this work.


Excited and willing to know more about him I joined him the next day again. Chattered to him and enquired about his education and family background. He enthusiastically told me that he goes to school and does this work during the vacation or whenever he is free. He pointed towards his father who was smoking with some men at a little distance. His father handles this business rest of the time. Not to forget his father’s fortitude and unconditional love of seeing his child do work from distance. We have witnessed many parents abandoning their child at tender age, however he was making his child work but under his apprenticeship so that no peripheral force harms the vulnerable mind. The boy smiled at me and started preparing my corn cob. How buoyant and strong-minded this young boy was! Aghast I was.


What do we want to become – A rich man or a happy man? Majority of us would go for former choice but Nikhil Bipin chose to become a happy man.He could have joined street kids in doing illicit activities but he chose to stick to his principles and values. How many of us sleep peacefully at night without a glitch of fear in your mind? I am sure very few of us. Conversely, Nikhil Bipin sleeps peacefully at night. There is a sense of serenity in his eyes. We worry about our impending future and profession all though the life. Does this child know where he would be after ten to fifteen years? Will he sell these corn cobs all his life? I am sure he does not know and he does not have any grievances from life as well. I learnt from him to be blissful in what you have.Dont crib for every small thing and envy others for what they have. At the end I requested if I could I get a picture of his? He said, “Yes didi“. He smiled with his brother and there he was with that gratification in his smile. Nikhil Bipin does not have toys to play but he has beautiful heart and strong will to live his life happily. He has followed his pursuit of happiness. Now it’s your turn.

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