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Do  you know what is struggle, pain, compromise, heart aching feeling? Oh yes; may be some near and dear one’s death, or may be someone love heart break, or may be the office boss troubling you, or say your mother in law is always taunting you.  How depressing isn’t it?

Well according to me you should visit your nearby slums, or see the roadside children out there. How depressing it is to see them without proper shelter, food, clothes and most importantly education. That is called something deeply depressing for our country and next generation.

Sometimes when I pass through the slums I always see a small girl, washing her clothes and utensils. Sometimes I think how shameful it is for me that even though living in luxurious life I still complain about life and things around, and that little innocent girl, is doing chores; and when I was at her age I used to spend my time playing and watching cartoons on TV.

I see a small girl being in her teenage working at a friend’s place when asked she says she is working on her own will, to help her single mother and the other 3 younger siblings to her. She wants her siblings to get educated and so she is working so that they can live a better life tomorrow.  How she has got the burden of responsibilities towards her family at the tender age.

There are boys who get involve in wrong means like robbing, and making someone fool, to earn money then be the part of big crimes due to lack of education and poverty. It’s depressing but this all is true and it is happening at every corner in our country.

When we come across some misbehaving children living roadside, we say how these children don’t have manners. But do we think how on earth will they be like civilized children if they are not educated?

There is child trafficking, child abuse, child labor taking place due to poverty, which leads to illiteracy. How those little innocent souls come in hands of vicious and unscrupulous people and then are dragged into wrong means. How turbulent it is for the poor people to live in this high growing price age.

Even the education is now so expensive, that the poor is left with no option to make their children work and earn money for at least the little basic needs rather than studying.

There are many who are dying to go to school, and seeing other children going school, their heart pains. They want to learn, study, become big and change the condition of our country, be a civilized citizen of our country. But the question remains is how the desire of these pretty little children can be fulfilled and as a citizen and good human how one can make their dreams come true?

What one can do is just organize a small group of friends or people who are interested or in a better way make someone take interest in this kind of social awareness. You can go to the nearby slums, be polite and humble. You can perform a skit, or make them aware how education is necessary to make poverty disappear. Teach them if they can’t go schools due to lack of money. Instead of spending every Sunday in some malls doing nothing, you can bring a change by taking small tuitions organized by you and your friends.

A lot can be done. Still there are rural areas which do not have schools in their village. The children have to walk long distances, or travel for long hours just to study. Half of their time goes waste in travelling. India still is lacking behind. One needs to look after the rural areas too.

There are children, who don’t have parents to fulfill their needs. But it is nice to see that celebrities do adopt some children who do not have parents and take their responsibilities. We can also do the same, if one cannot adopt at least, look after a single soul need’s and educate them. One can do a lot. But we don’t have time and courage to stand up.

There is still child marriage taking place. Why? Because of the existence of illiteracy and poverty. Poverty can be thrown out only if every single citizen in educated. And use its education in the right way. They say little education is dangerous. It’s true. So it’s better to be fully educated.

See the small poor children, and also make your children understand how important it is to study and help others. Make them learn to donate and give their books, clothes, gifts to poor children. Let them see how they live and tell them to have a feeling of gratitude with whatever they have.

One should learn to be satisfied and ignore being greedy. We should learn from the small children out there on roads how they live. We all should stand together and give them a chance to educate. Let’s stand for change.

A little help from you can change the situation and help them live a better life. Help them to fulfill their dreams which they see every day with their little eyes.

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