What about My Choice?

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Say NOCollege life is fun and one of the most beautiful stage in a person’s lifespan. Those three or four years of one’s life are the most amazing, pleasing and mischievous ones, incomparable to any other phase. Campus, Lectures, Canteen, Bunking, Friends, Photographs, Selfies, Presentations, Exams, Festivals all form an integral part of this astounding period. One often wishes that this phase never comes to an end and when it happens, there are Farewells, Good-byes, Sobs and Graduation.One often comes across heartaches, hangovers, rat-race, making and breaking of human bonds, trust and other human values during this time. Life is a journey and we are bound to learn from this splendid voyage. The lessons learnt in this period and the bonds that we form last long.


People come and go, make memories and leave behind some. She entered Royal College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai which is considered to be one of the best colleges in the city of dreams in the June of 2012. Her life was different in her hometown, the beautiful hill-station of Mussoorie in Dehradun District, situated in the state of Uttarakhand. Surrounded with Green valleys and varied flora and fauna, and the picturesque view of the Doon valley and Shivalik ranges, she had donned this beauty of nature. She had this freshness of valley oozing out from her very being. She entered Mumbai vibrating with enthusiasm and a fresh hope from the valley and in her glittering brown eyes dreams woven of a new happiness and academic success. Royal college of Arts was her only dream she had seen since childhood and this dream came true that year.
Aashna as her name was, she attracted love and was capable of loving too. Her first day of college was undoubtedly amazing, she caught attention of her classmates, teachers, and every other person she came in contact with. She made a nice group of friends and they would hangout together almost every day visiting various tourist attraction places in the city. This had been their Saturday-Sunday ritual and hangout buddies were the hostel and college mates. Life was indeed the way she wanted it to be. She was successful in achieving good results in her class tests too, and there wasn’t anything absurd about the girl and her company with respect to clothing, lifestyles, etc. Picture prefect life!
Three months after the college had started there was a cultural festival and she applied to volunteer in one of the departments of this festival. She applied to volunteer for Security -VIP gates. VIP was the mildest of all with lesser stress. The gate was meant only for celebrities and participants. She imagined encountering at least one celebrity whom she had seen only on television. It was all so fascinating for her that she was overwhelmed to make new friends in training and bonding session. She met 30 others who had been selected for the same sub-department. They all became became good friends. It was indeed beautiful, best college, great friends, good live, what else one wants from life?
The festival lasted for three days, and everything went well. It was the best college festival in town and made headlines in the news. Aashna got to see some television stars and was completely spellbound on their sight. College started on normally and she started hanging out again with her hostel mates after the tensed days of the festival. But who knew this bliss would be short-lived and soon this excitement would take a melancholic form? Aashna made many friends, but she always maintained some distance from her male friends. She was timid and afraid of being proposed and particularly to save herself from any sexual advances that would come along with such proposals. As they say what is bound to happen will surely happen. There was this guy particularly interested in her and would go crazy in her presence, although Aashna had no such feeling of love or attraction for him. He was a year senior to her. She treated him like any other friend, although bit suspicious of his intentions. He would text her almost everyday and as the time passed his intentions became clear. He had a girlfriend, but wanted to have sexual relationship with another woman outside of this relationship. He found Aashna very attractive and thought she would give in to his demands.


She got to know about this and tried explaining to him that it would not be possible as she considered him her “best” friend and that she liked him for his good nature. Some relationships are inexpressible, it is not easy to express how you feel about a certain person and why, but you feel drawn towards them. She too was drawn to him, but also knew her feelings and emotions were not beyond the friendship that she wanted to maintain. By each passing time, he began more expressive about his thoughts for her. She started becoming more and more afraid. There came a point when she stopped talking with him and replying to his messages. Few months later they met in college by chance and they started talking again. She thought time might have changed his thoughts, but few weeks later he began expressing those same vulgar thoughts. This time it became more traumatic for her. She was taken aback by these increased advances and would wake up suddenly in night filled with terror. She reproached and tried explaining it to him, but it was horrible and again she stopped communicating with him. Finally she decided to speak out if at all he texts her next time.


He did message her and showed same inappropriate advances and finally she spoke out in a rude and unethical manner that she herself was not conscious of. To this he replied, “Tujh mein itna attitude kabse aaya?”(from when did you get this attitude). She back answered and that was the end.


The intense torture had finally come to an end, but it instilled the feelings of terror in her. Many months passed by, but she still feel as much traumatic as then. She had friends, but she thought of managing this on her own, but it had cost her her mental peace and there is not a single day when she does not think about him or the terror he caused her and mostly a loss of friend.


This shows how women are at the suffering end even when its not their fault, but when they speak every word from their mouth is bound to prick like a needle. Sadly, Aashna wasn’t asked for her choice, but it was enforced on her and even after explaining things, other person did not listen. She had to be use a blunt tone, when things didn’t work out. Wonder how people think that women can be so weak? She was just trying to maintain a healthy relation as a friend. There could be several girls like Aashna in you college and vicinity silently suffering somebody else’s deeds.

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