Choosing a career

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Career selection is most difficult things to do. While some students remain completely certain from the beginning, on the other hand there are students who always remain uncertain. Choosing a career decides not only our future but also our destiny.

The exam centers have started to declare the results and the students have started to inquire about different courses and colleges for their further education. Over the past few years, there have been numerous courses added to our education system.The education system have become very wide, it is no more limited just till engineering, B.A or, nowadays even students have become judicious enough and they choose their hobby as their profession.  Big universities also give priorities to the student’s choice.

Education should be knowledge oriented rather than degree oriented, which clearly means choosing a right career and having the right degree is must to get the most compatible job.

No career can be called inferior; every carrier has their own specialty and scope.  It’s how seriously you take your career. Every carrier can make you earn money if you excel in it.

New courses like Hotel management, designing, etc have started to attract more students.

Parents must know the fact that choosing the career should be made according to the interest of the student, not the one which gives great financial pleasure but also which gives self satisfaction to the child. Parents often choose the career which is financially rewarding in future which is mostly opposite to the child’s interest. Parents must have family discussions before making such a decision, discussions may reduce the lacuna  between parent and child as well will make healthy relationship with the family.


Parents should never directly reject or oppose to the opinion of child, moreover parents must check and study the benefits and drawbacks about it, must talk to their colleagues about it, completely explore about the child’s decision and then make a decision. If the child gets directionless then he/she should be given good counselling and motivation. This way he may satisfy both himself as well as the child. If the parent genuinely finds the career wrong then he must explain that to his child in a humble manner, rather than criticizing or creating caparison with other children.


Knowledge is power, so encourage them to get as much information and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Parents must stay positive, the attitude of parents matter a lot for the young child. There are young talented people working with five star and seven star hotels at different parts of the world, some are fabulous dancers, some awesome tattooists, some also become successful actors, directors, singers, designers, etc. Those have happened because they chose the field they were interested in; they were not moved by the decisions of parents or any other person.

parents must know to :

Be involved, but not in control

Advise, but do not decide

Support, but do not dominate

One should consider their interest as well as hobbies while choosing a career. Hobbies make positive approach towards the work, like if a person is interested in regularly updating himself according to new fashion, and likes seeing fashion magazine then he sholud choose fashion designing as a career. child must also consider the subjects that they enjoy the most. Every child has one subject as his strength and one as its weakness.For example, if one loved chemistry, you could look forward to a future career as a lab technician or a pharmacist.

Only concentrating on the skill is not important, rather one must concentrate on the skills where they excel. You must also enquire about your skills from your parents, family members, teachers as well as friends. You may consider yourself a good cook but your parents think you are a good writer. One should never be moved with the decisions of their friends; every child has his or her own skill and knowledge. Parents must also make sure to avoid comparison and making the right decision.

Before choosing the career, one must completely explore them, instant decisions should be avoided.Sometimes we need to know our self in a better way and it may take a little more time. Sometimes waiting worth’s it, as its good to wait and take the right decision rather than going for wrong decision and permanently hating your job as well as your life.

Finance is one of the major requirement for study in any field, some coerces offer themselves in less cost and some in more.   A child must understand his or her family’s financial condition before choosing the career. There are many students who are forced to quit their studies in the mid of the sessions just because of lack of money, also applying for courses requiring more money may always create a hindrance in getting better future, parents may take huge amount loan . As the child’s focuses more on paying back the loan then getting good grades, this destroys the child mentally.

It isn’t just choosing a career; it’s choosing your future. It requires efforts but at the same time requires family support.

It’s like Forrest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today. That’s the exciting part- it’s an adventure in itself”

Last but not at all least; choose the career you love.


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