She chose to live

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She sat there in white on the floor of her house in front of a smiling photo with a handsome face Her tears had already dried up and she looked exhausted and numb. She could no more hear the clamor of those people around her who bought with them their sympathies and condolence. She was really not prepared for this, 2 years of marriage ended up in a crash. She needed more time.

Staring at that lively photo she had clicked herself a year and a half back she went down the memory lane. It was an arranged marriage though, two MBA’s coming together for life but they fell in love the very first time they met. He had confessed this to her and so had she in one of those romantic moments of their’s. She was getting used to this new life, waking up next to someone you love and imagine your life with. Not even in the baddest of her dreams she had expected all this to get over this soon or probably in this way. She missed all those little things, those waiting moments but never had she thought she’ll have to wait forever for this was not going to end. A tear finally fell from the corner of her left eye when she saw all those vows and promises being broken not because of two people but because of fate. She had never felt so helpless.

She noticed random people coming to her, trying to make her feel better but no, none of them could understand the pain she was going through and it irritated her. ” How will she live with this”, ” Ah! her life is over now ” , she heard those random people say. But was her life really over ? Did she had to live all her life in grief and pain cursing her fate, cursing god and cursing her very existence.These thoughts were scaring her and she shivered imagining her life ahead, in isolation. Why should she think she could have died with him? He would have never wished that even though they longed for togetherness.

she chose to live

She was sent to her parents house after a few days. She could not live at his place for she could not give his family a child and they cursed her for that. Months of depression, she was sinking more about the fact that she was not even trying to make her life better. His memories made her smile and cry at the same time. A year passed until she finally decided to find for herself a job after all she was an MBA and she could easily find a good job. It helped her escape those memories, memories that were happy but it was high time she stopped crying thinking about them and making herself feel more miserable.

Eventually she did move on. It had been 4 years now and she had started getting herself adjusted into the normal routine. She loved her job, she made new friends and this helped her gain her confidence back. She no more looked pale and exhausted for she learned how to smile. She learned that living is much more than life and death and its beautiful. And then she met him, he was her colleague. He was a friend, someone who understood her, encouraged her and made her smile. She was not in love with him yet but she did like his company. Never did she hide anything from him, nor did he but his story was simple. He was 34, 4 years older than her , unmarried. Unmarried because he wanted to earn and save first and then get settled.

He was no extraordinary man but he loved her for she was an extraordinary woman. Anyone who has overcome a big loss is. 5 years of being ” just friends” , he finally asked her for marriage and to his utter shock it was a ” yes”  with a smile. He was not expecting this and was way too happy. As far as she was concerned she needed someone in her life, someone she could look for and live for hopefully for the rest of her life and who could be a better choice than a friend who was by her side, madly in love with her.

” You don’t have to take permission from anyone” he asked hesitantly.” People might create an issue because its your’ , he wanted to say but she continued ” remarriage?”. ” NO,this is my life and I choose this for myself” she said. He smiled with a look of pride in his eyes. ” Can I ask you something else? ” he asked. ” Sure ” she said. ” You don’t love me, do you ? ” he asked again. ” I will, I know.” she replied. This made him more than happy than he could ever be. She never really lost the hope of starting a new life be it any which way.

Sometimes you fall in love with a person the moment you meet them, sometimes it takes a life time but eventually you do fall in love. You don’t really need to forget someone to be in love again. She was not scared of the consequences and the society, this was her life and she chose to live.

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