Clear the Air Out!

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In an age where Global Warming and Green house effects, though every important, take a back sit with our greediness and personal differences occupying the front row, it’s a rare case when we think about pollution, and altogether clearing the air as a whole. However, when it comes to humans, this ‘clearing out air’ reaches a whole new level of rarity because of our awesome humanly trait of ego acting as the puppet master.
We have precipitators to clear the air in the real sense, but when it comes to sorting out the differences, or even misunderstandings between two people, the technology takes a back seat; and the people are so delusional-ly lost in their vain that they get too stubborn to make an effort; and we don’t really live in the robotic age showcased in many movies where we could force the human effort with the help of robots.

It’s a short life that we are blessed with, and moreover, this is an unpredictable life. The most predictable thing about life is its unpredictability, as they say. So, when you have something precious for a short moment, you try to bring out the best, and not toss it away in the wake of personal differences like it were a trifle.

There was a couple, who used to be our neighbours. Everything was lovely about them. By lovely I mean normal; in equilibrium. They’d show up at almost all the “family functions”, grace everyone with a smile, and if you are meeting them for the first time in your life, they will undoubtedly enlighten you with the dramatic story of how they eloped and got married.
The husband’s family was a Hindu, and his spouse’s a Muslim. And, like inheriting property, they had the same religions attested to their names since their birth.
Many of us think that inter religious marriages are happening on a large scale today, but then again, there is no limit to human delusional thinking, right? As in a Bollywood movie, their families were against the marriage, and then, after the added spices of drama, they got married. Well, it seemed like a happy ending after all, with the new beginning of marriage life waiting at their doorsteps.
All was just fine. The couple, who were lovely, kind, gentle, and extremely helpful did catch the irking of many ‘cause of their inter-caste marriage, and the whole idea of them going against their family was something that constipated many. Love knows no boundaries indeed, but the feeling is not mutual with the lovers and the on lookers.
So, on one not-so-fine day, there was a friction that developed in their relationship. Maybe the god was favouring the anti-inter-caste religious groups, but the friction soon caused fire that rather than extinguishing was given impetus by many, and at the end, a happy couple spilt up.
It was nothing more than misunderstandings that lead to everything.  The husband had started coming late for a few weeks, and he had lied that he was working late in office. However, he had joined a NGO that kept him working late for the protection of sex workers, but he didn’t really fancy the idea of telling this to his wife.
The wife, on the other hand, had her ears poured with all kinds of nonsense from the typical aunty in the neighbourhood that lead the innocent mind of hers to make up weird theories, and jump into big wells of conclusions. This is how the friction started, and it just turned into a fire when, in the heat of the moment, both of them stopped thinking straight. The thoughts of “maybe their parents, and the whole world was right. The”inter religious marriage was a mistake” started reverberating inside their minds, and this compelled both of them saying the meanest things to each other. There was no such thing as love, is what they finally concluded. However, when in our angry mode, we do say things that we don’t remotely mean, do we not?
And, our beloved society, like watching a street show stood there, as dumb as a rock, drawing conclusions and doing all sorts of things that humans do when they are too dumb to act. However, some of them did act, but that was only to strengthen the fire.
So, thus the couple separated physically and legally; and got married to people from their respective religions and caste within a few months’ time.
Now they are nothing but the lead characters of a story that a mum would tell her teenage-d children trying to make them realise that love is fake. By love, she means the clichéd love of a guy and a girl that urges them into eloping.
Well, the couple did have a tragic ending; and when they learned about the misunderstanding, they felt really terrible and pathetic.
They can’t really forgive themselves even now for not clearing it out then. If only they had thought straight then, and killed the misunderstanding at the infancy, they’d still be married to someone whom they loved, and would have been an inspiration to many!

Even in friendship, many a times, misunderstandings take birth, and these just grow bigger and bigger, breaking everything that we had created. People stop talking to people! People start looking through people! Ignoring people is becoming an art.
Well, yes, there are many people on this Earth, and ignoring a few wouldn’t really mean much, or so would we think; but, just because of ego, or something else born out of this ego, we can’t really pull ourselves out of a relationship. A relationship in not necessarily the clichéd boy and girl going on date thing, even a friendship is a relationship. The shopkeeper from whom you buy your daily stationary, well, technically, you share a relationship with him too.
When something is given in very limited quantity, we have to make the best use of it, especially life.
Learn to spread happiness rather than ignorance. Too err is to human; not that you yourself haven’t erred. Star forgiving, and strengthen your relationships!
it’s easier to strengthen a weak muscle, but it’s the muscle tears completely, it takes a big surgery, and unfortunately, humans don’t know how to conduct that surgery when it comes to relationships.

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