The clichéd love: relationships!

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We have come a long way from riding the horses to flying a plane. We have seen it all, and more. However, the humongous evolution of the technology around us has altered us quite more than a bit. We have changed the outlook of ‘socialising’; earlier it was socialising in the real sense, but now it’s nothing more than patronising the various gadgets that our generation can boast off. We have become slaves to the technology that we mastered. With all the topsy-turvy transmutations our perceptions about the human race as a whole has definitely changed. The serious commitments have become a thing of the past, and are lingering in present days wearing their charming clock of rarity. These ‘almost extinct essences of life’ stimulate the awe secreting glands in our bodies when we are lucky enough to come across them from time to time. I say “Love”, and all the brilliant minds would work on to solve the mystery of the woman/man of my dream. We take it for granted that love can only be associated with another human, usually of the opposite sex. The love for the family is what forms the shelf of exception here. The word Love has lost its true meaning. From having an everlasting meaning that would make you go head over heels for something or someone(Yes, we can totally love beyond the breathing), it has so overly been used that often it’s used as a synonym for “Like”. I won’t say that the ‘true love’, as they refer to it now, doesn’t exist; but the frequency has surely reduced. Love was never about expensive gifts or saying the clichéd words of “I love you”; it has always been about running the extra mile even if it hurts. That might seem crazy to many, but craziness is love, and love is craziness. The feeling of falling in the ocean of love traps you inside a bubble, and everything seems fair inside. By the way, this same bubble is also used in case of war for making the deceitful things happening around appear as fair. So, for anyone, who is outside the bubble, things would seem demented at times, but that’s how it is. How would we know what it feels like swimming in the vast ocean, right? In the 21st century, it’s almost on the verge of becoming a thumb rule that love has to be spread between two humans, preferably of the opposite sexes. No, apparently you can’t love anything else. Whatever else you claim of loving is just craziness. Like, my friend, who is in love with the game of football, gets ridiculed when he says that he loves the game, ‘cause how you can love a game? That is illogical. Well, in that bubble everything is logical. I remember once he had a ligament tear in the knee, and had been advised by the doctor to not run for a month. While passing by a field, he couldn’t resist the force of attraction that brought him onto the field. He risked walking for the rest of his life by playing football for five minutes there. That is crazy, right? Risky as many would term it. But, in this bank and shoal of time, we’d risk the life to come. Wasn’t living life in the true sense highlighted the fact that we must do the things we love, and love is craziness! So, be it crazy from our perspective, but my friend was right in his way. He loves something, and he goes crazy about it! In this world where ‘keeping up-to-date’ is considered the main intention in life, we have developed certain delusional standards of our own which enlighten us with the fact that being in a relationship is a necessity, falling short only to air and food. A relationship can be between anything, and not necessarily between people. Like, my friend claims that he’s in relationship with football. The whole point of a relationship is the love that exists, which can’t let you, and your loved entity stay away from each other. However, today, most of the relationships are borne out of physical needs, and the paramount clichéd ‘status’ in the society. Being in a relationship does take your status on an aeroplane’s ride, apparently. So, now, you get into a relationship because of the society, and not because of the love, which is usually not present in many cases! This is the irony; this is life. You see a girl. You find her pretty. You talk to her. Exchange numbers. Text and talk to each other day and night. However, do you love her? No. You are just whiling away your time ‘cause you have too much of it in your hands. The girl might actually fall in love with you, but for you it’s no more than an infatuation. All the “I love you, baby” are just words with no meanings to you; and, when the time is up, that is when you have found something else to keep you busy, or when she has become too much of a ‘burden ‘, you leave her, like how would you lose the packet of chips after eating all bits of it. To you it was just a game, but for her it’s a heartbreaker. She might get depressed, and never trust a guy ever. However, why would you care? It’s a selfish world indeed. Survival of the fittest it is, and survival of the fittest it always will be. It really saddens me to see this pathetic state of humans even in the interpersonal sphere. Even if you are the man with the best charms, you have no right to play around with anyone’s emotions. Why tarnish the sweet and innocent image of relationship, when the ‘like’ never got the wings to be called love?

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