College Life, Girls, Fashion, Makeup and of Course Something to Study!

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Are you a college girl? Well then I hope you enjoy reading this article, you must be one of them I mention there. College life means, freedom, bunking lectures, friends, boyfriends, canteen, college fest, competitions, exam stress and assignment submission at the last minute.

 Clothes: Girls have the most problems during college life; they need to keep updating their wardrobe momentarily according to the changing trends and seasons. They always have craze to have the most trending things first with them. They want everything perfect, and something that please the people around them. Each one wants to be like the diva of the college, and so when they enter with their newly dress on them, with sunglasses and the branded bags in their hand they feel like they are a celebrity who is walking through the campus and if they seek to get attention from the crowd (both boys and girls around) then that is something they feel proud of and feel like they are on seventh cloud within themselves.

They walk and talk in brands: if your clothes are not branded you are not that good when it comes to fashion. This is something that every one of us believes that higher the brands the more rich you are in money as well as in the best collection in your wardrobe when it comes to the tiniest thing from clothes to shoes/ chappals, from watch to bags and accessories, from cars to bike. It all should have the names of brands behind them. Does it really matter which brand you wearing? For me my needs are satisfied that is more than enough.

Who is in the gossip list this week? : Well u won’t only blame the girls for gossips, in fact a research says that men gossip more than women, but during college days, girls have these envy, and the breaking news kind off feelings within. Its natural nothing to be ashamed of, only one can do is ignoring it as much one can. But girls are girls. They need something to talk about. Girls always have the envy feeling towards the one they feel, that she is better than me but will never accept it in front of anyone else. These gossips are done among friends group specially girls in the washrooms. “Did you see her, what kind of clothes she have worn today, did you see him, “he was constantly looking at me I think he loves me”, do you know that girl, she is going on with the senior hottest guy of college” “ ahhh I was bored of him, so we broke up” “: ohhhh goooddd, do you know he is going to propose me soon, he asked me out for a date today evening.” And they never stop.

Books or makeup? : if you ever check a girls bag, you will findmore of makeup things than books. They carry comb, perfume, lipbalm, face wash, compact, creams lipsticks, etc etc etc. sometimes it even happen that they carry a pair of clothes with them. I wonder why don’t they carry a walker wardrobe with them, seriously that would be beneficial for them.

Haircuts, spa, parlor therapy:  girls, love to pamper themselves. They frequently visit beauty parlous, to do their treatments like manicure, pedicure, facial cleanup, waxing, haircuts, etc. as per their wish. And then next day when they visit college, their girlfriends see the change in them, “aww new haircut? It’s looking so good on you”. And ahm. Girls do expect their boyfriends to notice which some of them don’t and then you know what happens.

Washroom the best place for girls: Which can be the best place for girls in college? Canteen, classroom, campus, nah it’s the washroom. They like to flood in front of the big mirror provided by the college. When they come from home they will do touch up with kajal, lip balm, etc, comb their hair, when they are in college they will frequently visit to keep a check on their appearance, spend some time watching their self in the mirror, ask their friends about is she looking fat/thin? Is the dress to old? Is she looking nice? Are those matching with the dress? And it goes on. Before going home they will redo their makeup as if their prince charming is just waiting on the road to see them. they will gossip, think where to go for bunking, what to have in canteen, talk naughty and keep teasing their friends , make fun of others and even dance. Yes! I have actually seen a girl dancing in the washroom, just because she loves to dance where there is mirror available and was imitating her favorite hero’s steps from one of the recent movie song. Girls I tell you.

Girls are very choosy: girls are very choosy when it comes to food, clothes drinks and also where to go out to just hang around. “oh no; it’s so dam sunny, my skin will get tan”, “oh no please not that place very wired people come there,” “no please no marine drive, my hair be at mess there because of lot of air”, “ no dominos, I don’t wana gain weight, and you know it’s hard to avoid cheese when its front of my eye”, “oh yes, let’s go for a movie, (a minute later) no not that theater let’s drop the plan” uff it’s too tough to decide where to go when you are going with a girl”

To all girls let’s just be simple and keep everything simple. Please don’t come with your rude comments to me, it is just a small fact that I have written. If you think you fall in some category above you can fit in the shoes and enjoy. J

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